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    Thumbs up Bowtech Customer Service

    I had a problem the last couple of weeks and I want to say thanks to Nick, who is over the warranty dept at Bowtech and to let all you out there know that they do care what we think. I emailed Bowtech first with the problem and was rational not rude about my claim, Nick emailed me back and called me also. He hit the problem straight forward and Bowtech came through for my cousin and his bow problem. Once I notified them of the problem it was full speed ahead and we got the problem fixed fast. I have shot a Bowtech since 2001 and I must say that I am glad to see there improvement in Customer Service. This is a step forward in Customer Service and that is what it takes to make customers happy. I would like to give them a good report instead of a black eye. Thanks Bowtech, Charles "Cheese" Burns. Also thanks to all the Bowtech Guys on here who talked to me about the matter in private chat and thanks for your help also.

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    Thank you,

    Excellent to hear.

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