Bitzenburger dial-o-fletch manual


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    Bitzenburger dial-o-fletch manual

    Hey, just got a used Bitzenburger, so don't have the instructions on how to set it and everything.

    So, anyone have a link to a downloadable Instruction manual, or do you have one scanned into your computer that you could email me.

    If you want to email me, pm me with your address so I can put you on my safe list, so you don't get sent to my junk folder.


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    What do you need to know?

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    I don't know, I always just like to read up on my newest gadgets to see how to adjust them, and whatnot. For instance, I would like to know how to set it to fletch a four feather pattern. Just basic stuff like that.

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    my bitz is about 25 years old, But, I do not think they have changed that much if any.

    On the bottom of the fletcher there is a round button that you twist to take you to the next fletching station. above that knob is three set screws with 90degrees, 120 degrees, and another. Each setting has its own set screw and when that screw is fully seated that means that the dial is set on that config or amount or degree of fletching. 90 degree would be four feathers, one at 90, 180, 270, and 360. Then three feathers would be the 120 degree setting.
    There is also a sliding mechanism to tweak each setting to be alittle more or alittle less.

    One pointer is to avoid getting glue on the clamps for the vanes, feathers, this will cause the glued clamp to pull off the just affixed vane/feather. Put the glue only on the vane/feather quill part. The cut or the angle of the cut on the glue nipple is the key.

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    I prefer the 75 x 105 pattern. It's a four fletch, but it gives me better flight and clearance, it's an X shape instead of the 90's + shape.

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    They use to have a dowloadable instruction sheet on their web page but It is not there now. You can call them and they will send you one.

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    thanks for the info. I'll call and get ahold of one.

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