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    Quote Originally Posted by fn257 View Post
    OK, all of the above are good but here is the way to clean a turkey-

    First thing is to have a buddy with you.
    You need to have a white tshirt on under your other shirt.
    Send your bud off to get some water.
    While he is gone, slit the neck, take off your shirt and
    get as much blood on the tshirt as possible.
    Quickly wrap your other shirt around your hand and
    get some blood on it.
    SCREAM like a little girl and your bud will come running.
    Tell him you sliced your hand, being a good buddy, he will clean
    the bird.
    Now while he is messing with the bird, tell him you need to go clean
    and bandage your wound.

    Now this will work with deer very well also, just make sure you
    have a different buddy with you, as it seldom works more than once.

    I believe this may be the best way! That was super funny! I got a buddy who'd be a sucker for this joke.....LOL

    Thanks for all the replies. Hopefully i'll get to try my hand at cleaning a turkey next weekend !
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    I pluck all my birds, and just pull out the inards. I than inject the birds with some marinade when I am ready to prepare them. Lot of different flavors and choices!! I use a poultry bag in a conventional oven in a shallow roasting pan at 325 to 350 degrees 15 minutes a lb. Coat the poultry bag with some flour and follow directions on venting the top of the poultry bag by cutting small slits at the top. They taste delicious this way and do not dry out!!

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    cut off fan,beard,wings,head
    boil water put water in rubbermaid tote with some dish soap.
    slosh bird around in water let air for a couple seconds dip again and make sure you get every feather wet.
    hang up pluck feathers and then gut the turkey
    refill container with cold water set turkey in it.change the water in a couple hours let set overnight take out throw in freezer and you good to go

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    If the wind is blow at 40mph and it is below freezing and snow. Do it in the motel room.

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    Quote Originally Posted by asa_low12 View Post
    that's not how we do it but i'm not saying it's not good at all. We hang the turkey up by it's neck (like a deer). cut around the throat, split it to it's wings, skin to the wing joint and cut them off, and then just skin it like a deer. Cut the legs off. Then pull the guts n vitals out. We usually look in the crawl(spelling) and gizzard to see what they've been eating. I don't eat the gizzard and livers but I still clean them up and give them to two of my friends that loooooove them.
    This pretty much sums up how I do it. The only difference is that I don't cut the legs off.

    Them smoke them whole like a butterball (only better)
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    I swore after my first one that I'd never shoot another -- unless with my bow. That bird was way smellier than the worst cottontail I've ever dressed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arrowaddict View Post
    I just take the breast. Run a knife along the breast bone on each side, then along the ribs on each side. To me the legs are as tough as a tennis shoe and not worth messin' with. Plus you can avoid the bootyhole.
    This is what I do also,quick and easy.
    Just look for the vultures!

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    Quote Originally Posted by absolutecool View Post
    I have seen them just cut open and the breast cut out, that's the best part!!
    Really the only part worth messing with

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    Thumbs up Plucker UP!

    I'll vote with Champion 2. (And thank you Champ for the marinade suggestion)

    Both skinning and plucking methods are listed by the NWTF and a few hints on Plucking.

    Should I dumb into a bird dumber than me, Ill heat the water on the stove in this huge, big, large (common inside joke here, sorry) SS pot I got on the stove then set it on a bed of charcoal outside. (If I can get one of my kids here to carry it. GOD BLESS CHILDREN )

    None-the-less here is the link.

    Plus a link on proper injection of flavorings, for us new to that.

    and a link to some not so common wild azzed flavors and spices, *IMHO*

    Im one for believing a LOT of the flavor comes from the skin (fat, lol) so I'm hoping to be a plucking away by next weekend.

    Luck to all.

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