Best Place to sell Guitar Equipment??????

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    Best Place to sell Guitar Equipment??????

    I have an amp and a effects processor I need to sell. Anyone know a good place to sell them online??? PM if interested. Thanks, Brandon A.

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    I would say Ebay.....

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    Ive had great success with craigslist selling random things. Your not limited to paypal or listing charges there. Good Luck

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    For the amp craigslist for the processor, ebay. Seems like everyone on Craigslist shows up to buy it and then offers you less than you discussed. An amp is hard to ship though so it would be worth it.

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    We have sold quite a few amps and guitars here

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    Zippo...? Guitar equipment?? I sell all mine on Craigslist and in the local classifieds.

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    Musician's Friend takes old gear

    Musician's Friend will take old gear even without purchasing something new. But they tell you how much your gear is worth so I can't imagine you'd get the best prices.

    Send me a PM with what you are looking to sell. My son and I are newbies so we have lots of equipment (that we don't really need) to buy up on

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