New Indoor Archery Range In Anchorage


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    New Indoor Archery Range In Anchorage

    Looking in to what it will take to set up a new indoor archery range with the family and kids in mind, Would like to get feedback on what people would like to see in a new indoor range. Would like to find some place that we can set up for 40 yards, not many building that long in the rental costs that I can afford, 30 yard would be next.

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    just my thoughts

    you would be competing with 3 established ranges already===so not sure why you would want to start up another one??? Not saying it isnt a good idea, just not sure how you would stay afloat with that much competition. Bills, though smoky is established and has loyal customers, Black sheep is primarily for the military---though anyone can join, you can't beat their membership--and if you into a good ole boys way of doing things---you will fit in. Archers den is up and running well in ER, what would your goals be?
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    I don't see how anyone can make in the archery business. Here is a couple of ideas. There is a outdoor range out at Kincaid park, I havn't been there but I heard there is a static range and a 3D course. It's operated buy some club here in town. Contact the city and propose a indoor range. Maybe they would give you a permit/lease to open one there. It would operate on the same basis as the ones that are there. Chugach has a large outdoor range that is operated by a archery club. Why couldn't you get a permit to put in a indoor range at Kincaid or maybe Rabbit Creek shooting range? Maybe it would have to operated as a none profit or some such catagory, but you could charge for the use of range and you could pay your self a salary. This idea might be a little "out there" but who knows. One thing I always thought is there is untapped resource in youth archery. There are a lot of young kids that are competitive but do not have the physical abiltities to compete in traditional sports. Look at all the time,money,and volunteer work that is spent on "promoting" baseball, hockey, football , etc. The archey business would be smart to get together and reach this resourse for the kids sake and from a business angle. - Steve

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