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    Question camo limb covers

    Does anyone here use or have an opinion on using camo limb sleeves on their trad bow for hunting?
    I just saw these "limbskins" in the new Cabelas catalog (about $20 per set) - they claimed it doesn't impact arrow speed and "form fitting spandex construction".... I have some reservations about dressing anything I own in spandex but I normally consider camo as a good thing for hunting...

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    I've used both "bow sock" camo sleeves and the old style camo tape decades ago. While both should and most likely do affect performance if checked with a chronograph, seriously doubt it will be noticeable at hunting distances, at least I never notice it, and of course, YMMV. Naturally, if you plan on using either, you have to start practicing with them on BEFORE hunting season.

    For purely camo purposes, (as opposed to making a fashion statement), any break-up pattern, flat finish contact paper from Wally World will work just as well.

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    Unless your bow glows like a beacon you don't need to put anything on it.. Many older bows have gloss finishes on them and need something to tone them down.. If it isn't a collectors item you could just go over it with really fine steel wool to knock the glare down. Or gets some flat clear finish and spray the bow lightly. But anything you put on the limbs has to affect the bow, maybe not much but it has some affect..

    I see people getting these new flat finished bows Camo dipped ETC good way to waste time and money and make a nice looking bow butt ugly. As if a miniature leaf and or tree pattern helps lol I guess if you have a Turkey wanting to perch on your bow it might help. I get a kick out of this modern camo it is probably great camo if the animal you are hiding from is very close and sees in color but looks like any other human shaped blob 10 yards away. Randy
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