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    Question Shorten arrows for crossbow

    Thanks to all in advance.
    Just bought a Horton Summit outfit, new at this.
    Can a person make 20" aluminum crossbow arrows out of longer compound or longbow arrows, is it just a matter of cutting and retaping the threaded end for the point? Would the diameter of the arrow and the type of string nocks make a big difference for practice arrows?
    These arrows would be just for practice.

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    You could take 2219 Aluminum arrows and cut them down to 20". You would have to but new inserts into them and also put moon nocks in the back of the arrows You CANNOT use normal vertical bow type arrow nocks! There are specific nocks for crossbows. Do not use any other aluminum arrow size as they will not be strong or stiff enough!

    For all the trouble you go theough cutting down arrows you would be far better buying arrows made for your crossbow.
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    I've found that arrows of identical weight but with a different front of center ratio (FOC), can fly to different points of impact than the other. That has caused me to practice with arrows that are the same weight and FOC as those I hunt with. Archery has enough fudge factors involved without adding more, IMO.

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    If I read your question correctly, no, vertical bow arrows are too small a diameter for most all crossbows.

    Can you shorten a crossbow arrow to another shorter length, sure.

    But the smaller dia. long bow or vertical bow arrows are too small. It would likely cause the string to jump over/miss the arrow after the trigger is pulled and basically cause a dry fire which can cause great damage to your bow.

    Be carefull, have fun.


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    Stay with the 22 diameter arrow shaft and the weight that the manufacturers recommend and you will be OK.

    My first crossbow arrows were cut down 2213s..

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