can wax cause string stretch?


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    can wax cause string stretch?

    Sorry if this is an obvious/dumb question. I put new winner's choice strings on my Tribute about a month ago. NO stretch or peep rotation after a few hundred shots.

    I put some silicone wax on the string and cables and now I'm getting peep rotation. Could the wax have caused the string to stretch and rotate like that? Has anyone else experienced this?

    Thanks in advance

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    Shtr, The new winners choice s&c's do not use wax anymore, they use weatherlock technology, you should of asked your dealer or contact winners choice for the new stuff they are using. It is more of a paste/cream that you rub into the s&c's. These new strings are basically waterproof with the treatment they use, pretty amazing if you ask me, won't be long i bet and we will see a string that needs no maint. good luck with what you find out and need to do.

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    thanks for the help. I just checked their website and they say it is still ok to use traditional string wax. I guess I'll call them.

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