Ted Nugent 6000th Show Celebration -Promoting Archery Everyday


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    Ted Nugent 6000th Show Celebration -Promoting Archery Everyday






    Sparks seriously fly on MOTOR CITY MAYHEM, the new live DVD and Blu-ray release from TED NUGENT, out June 30 via Eagle Rock Entertainment. Shot July 4, 2008 in front of a house packed with a wildly enthusiastic crowd of thousands at the outdoor DTE Energy Music Theatre in the Motor City Madman's hometown of Detroit, the disc documents the celebration of NUGENT’s 6000th live performance, including guest appearances and a set list of nearly two dozen NUGENT favorites honoring his blues and soul roots. Of course, TED is already looking ahead to his 7000th show: “I’m having a camouflage electronic walker built now.”

    The multi-platinum guitar icon, author, outspoken activist, television personality and avid outdoorsman celebrated this landmark event in true ultra NUGE style. Flanked by troops from the Selfridge Air National Guard, TED kicked off the celebration with his electrifying version of “The Star Spangled Banner.” Meanwhile, the NUGE crew wheeled out a 7 foot-tall red, white and blue cake, from which WRIF-FM Rock Girl Cristy Lee emerged to surprise the rocker.

    Says TED: “The whole night was a barrage of wonderful, powerfully stimulating outrages. From the gorgeous girl coming out of the cake, to the presence of my family and friends, being surrounded by U.S. Military heroes during the National Anthem, to the power of my band, the glow of the incredible audience, the spectacular performances by Derek St. Holmes, amazing Mitch Ryder drummer Johnny Bee, my original guitar teacher Joe Podorsek on ‘Honky Tonk,’ to the earth moving as everyone sang every word to my BloodBrother song ‘Fred Bear.’ It was nonstop mind dazzling intensity.”

    One of the highlights of the night came when TED reunited with childhood guitar teach Joe Podorsek for a heartfelt rendition of “Honky Tonk,” for which the two received a standing ovation. “Joe taught me so much way back when, and keeping in touch with him over the years has been very empowering,” TED explains. “‘Honky Tonk’ never sounded so cool.” TED's first public performance--when he wasn't quite 10 years old--was with Podorsek and the Capitol School of Music Revue in 1958 at the Polish Arts Festival at the Michigan State Fairgrounds.

    Commenting on his performance of “The Star Spangled Banner” with troops from the Selfridge Air National Guard standing around him, TED called the experience “very emotional and very inspiring. I have been blessed to hang with these hero warriors a lot and they always move me.”

    Next up for THE NUGE: he’ll debut his new TV series “Runnin’ Wild…From Ted Nugent” this August on CMT. The modern day Davy Crockett will teach ordinary people how to survive in the wild, and then evade the master…NUGENT himself. He promises viewers “more over the top fun and outrage celebrating and promoting all the great things I believe in and live. We define hands-on conservation and responsible conscientious environmentalism while entertaining the hell out of the viewer…intense.”

    TED shows no signs of slowing down in any aspect of his life. “I'm not even warmed up yet! My new songs drive me wild, the hunting gets better every year and now my children and grandchildren can increase the overall joy by joining the old man! Life is indeed rather grand.”

    For more information, visit: www.tednugent.com.

    About Ted Nugent

    The incomparable guitar genius and fire-breathing intensity of TED NUGENT have carved him a permanent place among the legends of rock. The guitarist's prodigious talents, ear-shattering volume & over-the-top onstage antics quickly earned Young Ted the moniker of "Motor City Madman" along with international acclaim. Recognized as the world's leading guitar showman, NUGENT's no-holds-barred career spans five decades of multi-platinum sales exceeding 35 million albums. From the ground breaking Amboy Dukes' "Journey to the Center of the Mind," to classics like "Stranglehold" and "Cat Scratch Fever," Damn Yankees chartbusters like "High Enough," cult classic "Fred Bear," and his most recent studio album--and 35th overall--Love Grenade, TED NUGENT's rapid-fire sonic assaults continue to sell out venues around the globe.
    I started Archery History and Archery Talk to give archers a good true source of information, to have archers ask and answer questions and solve problems, and to see many of the bows and ideas from the past. It is also a way for me to give back the sport.
    Archers Helping Archers. Most important - Enjoy shooting and have fun.

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    I look forward to reading the articles from Ted on the
    New Archery Talk front page. (Coming Soon)


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    I'm down with it.
    Stable full of Hoyt Bows
    Doinker Stabilizers (Doink On),Tru-Ball / Axcel Sights, AAE, Bow Rattler, NAP Rests, Easton & Beman Shafts, Limbsavers.

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    Uncle Ted for Michigan's Govenor.....I can only dream!

    Thanks for posting this info Terry!
    Have a classifieds issue or question, please PM me. Here to help!

    Proud Staff Shooter for Doinker stabilizers, T.R.U Ball releases, Black Eagle Arrows, 60x Bow Strings, Bohning Archery, Bling Sling & Onestringer Arrow Wraps

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    How do you not love Ted?

    He's got this infectious enthusiasim thats just over the top. Who the heck else sits ina tree stand reading guns n ammo mag?

    I hope Ted has many many many more years promoting archery and on tv. I cant say all the pro-archery folk on TV actually are worth my time, but Nugent ALWAYS makes me sit down.

    You have to love the guy.


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    I am a supporter of Uncle Ted as well. He truly wears it on his sleeve!

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    More great things from Uncle Ted. He's the only person to inspire me to play both guitar AND bow!

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    Uncle Ted,

    If you ever read these comments;

    You are the man. I'm 43 years old and I think you're a great example of enjoying archery, music and the rest of life.

    What amazes me, is that every man I know that I bowhunt or 3-D shoot with, feels the same way that I do. Even my 72 year old father and my 15 year old son get a kick out of you and your show!

    You have impressed 3 generations in my family.....

    Keep up the good work!
    2015 PSE Dominator Max with ME cams- 60#
    2011 PSE Omen Pro in human Skulz camo with UF cams- 70#
    "I have never let down and then wished that I didn't."

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