Inherent Compound Bow Accuracy...


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    Inherent Compound Bow Accuracy...

    Every bow has it's own accuracy. Before human technique mucks it up, there is an absolute [of sorts] that the bow is capable of in theory anyway [or shot from a machine].

    That said...

    What would you guys say the modern compound hunters bow can shoot these days at 100 yards?

    I'm guessing 3 to 4 inches.


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    With a pro shooter I would agree that is possible.
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    I would say that most would miss the bale.

    The better archers 4" yes.

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    read what he is asking . he wants to know what the abilities of the equipment is out of a shooting machine and i would have to say at 100yds the average hunting bow is has the ability to shoot 5 inch groups at 100yds

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4x20 View Post
    read what he is asking . he wants to know what the abilities of the equipment is out of a shooting machine and i would have to say at 100yds the average hunting bow is has the ability to shoot 5 inch groups at 100yds
    I would say the equipment is able to shoot 1.5 / 2 inch groups (no wind)
    60X custom strings staff shooter
    Custom tunning and bow work

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    If its indoor with control on drafts and air flow. The proper spine and and some good tuning. With a machine shooting. I think 2-3" groups would be easliy done.

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    The very best compound target shooters in the world can regularly stay in the gold (9s and 10s) at 90M (that would be just under a 10" circle), and that would be ALL of their arrows, not just the occasional good group.

    They can occasionally score a 60, that's just under a 5" circle, but averaging 57 out of 60 will generally put you in the top 10 at the highest level competition.

    Machine-shot arrows out of a well-made bow should stay within 4" groups at that distance with no wind, the limiting factor being the precision of aim of the operator. I don't know if anyone has managed to fit a "hooter shooter" with a precise laser sight - that would probably be as accurate as you could aim a machine-shot bow.

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    Never shot my bow out of a Hooter Shooter, be curious to see what the concencus is from those who have..

    I'd think a quarter minute of angle (archers rule of 1" per 10yds) is pretty realistic, some could be even better when tuned to the optimum.
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    Pure guess maybe 4"? Since most people don't shoot consistant arrows (mainly spine) lets say a dozen different arrows are used, there will probably be a pattern at 100 yards.

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    Thanks guys

    Thanks - I couldnt help but wonder it. Ultimately there is a brickwall the shooter will hit in a perfect world with perfect technique and that wall would be the bows inherent accuracy.


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    The new high KE Crossbows are shooting that sort of group with 22 inch shafts so I would assume a good compound would be more accurate with a longer shaft with low drag fletching.

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    Shaft length doesnt do anything for accuracy...well lengthing doesnt.

    If the shaft is shorter it has less wind drift and a higher foc.

    Longer arrow only has negatives, unless it needs to be longer to clear fingers/bow with a big broadhead.

    Also, with higher drag fletches an arrow is more accurate, as long as it doesnt drop to fast.

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    Well, I have shot 3" groups at 80 with both my bows, and that's with some fletching contact, and the arrow in constant contact with my Hostage rests. So, take the human factor away, put on a good consistent drop-away rest, get the straightest and most spine-consistent arrows you can find, and shoot from 100........and I'm guessing that without any wind that there could be some very very small groups.
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    Actually length does effect accuracy as the shaft requires a certain length for stable accurate flight, this is well known amongst crossbow shooters. 20inch is the minimum any shorter and the shaft is not as stable even with a very heavy point to give sensible FOC.

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    I have a 2003 Mathews LX that is capable of putting all six arrows in the gold at 100 yds.

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    Having done a lot of shooting at 100 yards the last few years with a red dot sight such as the doctorsight and the no longer made Tasco red dot sight, I believe 1" groops are possible out of a machine. These sights are very small, weigh about 1/2 of 1 ounce and have a 3 MOA dot. With a battery that has been in 6 months or so the dot looks even smaller. With the precise aiming I believe this is possible. By the way, the newer sights have gone to 4 MOA and made brighter and I don"t like them as well but they are still good. JP Sights also makes one.

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