what draw weight for deer hunting ???


Poll: best draw weight for deer hunting with recurve

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    what draw weight for deer hunting ???

    I was wondering what draw weight most deer hunters use when they are shooting a recurve . I know accuracy is most important . Thanks

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    I hunted w/75# for several years, but have decreased # as my shoulder started acting up awhile back. I'm shooting mid-50's now & find it very much adequate for the critters I hunt.


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    45# minimum, though I've heard of deer being taken with 32-35# bows, close shots, heavy arrows. Toodles. Pigpopper

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    Its not the draw weight, but what I can enjoy pulling back and hit where I want. Yeah, I can draw 70... But no way in hell will I ever go back to LBS like such...I don't need to be a Macho man. Not only that, My shoulders are a lot better too... (along with my fingers.)

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    The bows I shoot have a weight range of 58# to 78#. The 58# is the bow I use for 3D shooting for the most part, but wouldn't hesitate to shoot a deer sized critter with it either. I've got a 30" draw with a recurve too, so that adds to the equation quite a bit.

    Recurves, 58#, 62#, and 73# @ 30"

    Longbows, 64#, and 78# @ 29"

    I know you didn't ask about the longbows, but they perform better than my recurves even with a shorter draw length due to riser configuration, so I thought I could let you know about them too.
    "Bowhunting isn't a hobby or sport, it is a way of life!"

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    "...they perform better than my recurves even with a shorter draw length due to riser configuration..."

    Jeff, OL makes those longbows in Roswell, NM doesn't he? Hmmmm...be honest, is it the riser or is it really some sorta (top secret) alien stuff OL puts in those limbs? C'mon dude, you can tell US!


    Man, OL is working on mine now & Karen & I should be getting ours soon...YEEOW-ZAAAAA!

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    Yup, I use a long bow as well. 55 pounds. bears, deer, bunnies. Whatever. Would not be afraid to use 45 pounds.


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    A 45# bow will drive an arrow through any deer you shoot with it. With that in mind, you should make your decision based on your ability to shoot the bow accurately.
    I am accustomed to shooting a 60# longbow and a 60# recurve. I never achieved very good arrow flight from the longbow so I never had the confidence to shoot at large game with it, but the recurve shoots arrows all the way through a deer. ZOT!

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