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    jr ben pearson

    i was at the flea market and spotted this junior jet ,ben pearson , cat no. 331 recurve . ithought this would be good for the grandson . any tips on string and arrows to use would help ? oh does anyone know the poundage ?

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    made late 50-early 60's 48" bow takes a 44" string, im thinkin they were in the neighborhood of 20# or so

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    An excellent bow for a teen. I still have mine. It started peeling & I used airplane glue & tape, kept on shooting it until the rest wore off the handle. Most any cheap arrows are safe with it but do try to get a few of the same, so they are all alike in weight/length. The shortest arrow he can full draw with an inch beyond handle is good. This bow is a recurve, so string it opposite the curve of it. It has enough power to shoot 50-75 yards or so.

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