40.32 Acres in Breathitt County Kentucky for sale


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    40.32 Acres in Breathitt County Kentucky for sale

    A woman at my work is selling this land and I told her I would post it here to help get a few more eyes on it. Here is the information that she sent me.

    Strong’s Branch Rd
    Alto, KY 41339.

    Regular questions asked

    Why so cheap? I bought off a US Marshal Auction July 2009
    Why am I selling? It is 7 hours from Alabama and since I bought for a great price, I can pass the savings to someone else and make a small profit. I flip property as a side income not as a main income. It is a great location due to being limited properties come available and so close to other states.
    Do you have a survey? No because it runs, approx $3000 and I have a plat map from county courthouse, which clearly states boundaries on record. In addition, it would drive the price up as well.
    Are there any liens? No, an auction cannot sell property unless everything is current. Just to make sure I did buy title insurance to back it up so if sold in less than a year it is good for the next buyer to not have to purchase
    Taxes in Ky. Taxes are cheaper in KY than Alabama and we are known for our cheap property taxes. We are 10% they are 6 %. I have not owned long enough to pay taxes. Taxes are calculated on the price you purchase the land as well.
    Why did US Marshal’s take land? Eddie Baker in his 50’s took a rap for his son selling oyicotin and got 12 years conspiracy while son age 32 only received five. It was a part of the punishment to send a message. It is sad what parent will do for their kids. Mr. Baker’s wife still lives down the street in full brick home. He did not lose everything. His brother owns huge acreage parcels on opposite side of street down the road towards dead end. They did try to scare people off to keep the price low enough so they could repurchase land.
    Mineral Rights mineral rights extracted 2005. 90% of American period do not own their mineral rights. Either the state or a private party owns such rights. The question is how much is on your land. Where is it located on property because you have to give right of passage to minerals. The 10% of Americans who still own mineral rights is because land was passed from generation to generation and no party selling rights and other being grandfathered in.
    Creek on property? The creek is across street with a full view due to being in a holler and this land is elevated so that should answer no it is not a flood zone
    Mixed Terrain? It has hills, mountains, level, sloping etc its 40.32 acres it is the best terrain not all flat not ,all hills, not all mountain meaning mixed.
    Perk Test. No perk test but there is neighbors who did not have a problem hooking up so I assume its just fine. I can make it subject to the contract sale if you really need to have one but not at $40,000. I am already below market value $35,000. It’s a steal ‘as is ‘
    Right of Way road access. You have two entryways on property one you own the other is shared between three neighbors and has a gate. We all use to four wheel sharing each others land. This land is the middle section. All roads are paved to the property but only dirt trails on the property

    Where does land start and stop. I left the auction sign up as part of a marker. Your very first house on left is where the first entryway to property exists which is owned. Property line ends and next house past Mr. Farley’s down on the right hand side. The plat map I can send clearly states where it begins and ends.

    Location 2 ½ hours from Lexington KY 33 minutes from Hazard KY nearest town Chives. Main road of travel interstate and off interstate 4 lane roads 90% of the way. You will not be putt putting on backwoods roads.
    Restrictions. NONE build what you want or put whatever you want on it (trailers, campers, cabin etc.)
    Type of housing around it
    Mixed houses big and small, trailers as well.
    Neighbors mostly retired people. This is the very northeastern part of Ky. You have at least four states 4 hour on average away, which makes it a great investment. The Bakers relatives’ wife, brother still live on Strong’s Branch Rd.
    Hunting mostly Elk and Deer
    Financing I will do lease to purchase at $20,000 why $20,000 because of timber. You could scalp my land ruin value and never pay me the rest of the money the sale will not be at $40,000 either. That is a quick sale price. It has not cost me anything to advertise yet and not using a real estate agent.
    If you have, any more questions feel free to ask. These were the most common questions asked. I’ll also send an email of pictures I took on the property myself. Also a plat map. It’s in black and white right click hit zoom to zero in . I’d rather send color copy by mail.

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    If you're interested, her contact information is:

    Michelle Whitney
    1100 Avalon Dr
    Moody Al 35004


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    Oh, and here is her e-mail address:


    She has a lot of pictures she can send you plus copies of the deed and a plot map.

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    Has anyone contacted her, or have any interest?

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