Heelo folks, I have a 2003 or 2004 I would have to look a the Owners Manual to be sure I am wanting to sell.I bought it new and am the only one to ever shoot it.It has all the Receipts.Owners Manual,Accessory receipts,etc.I shot it in my backyard from about late August until the end of October thru 2007 about every other day 20-30 arrows.It has an ATA of 38Inches and a 7 & 3/4 inch Brace height.It did not really need one that bad but I put a new Winners Choice String on it.It is loaded.I have the Hard Case,etc.I am wanting to buy a Crossbow or a Finger Bow 43 inches at least ATA.I would like to have a Reflex Caribou.But for now I am just concentrating on selling the Bow or maybe Trading it.It has an 65 or 80 per cent let-off.Great Finger/but even better Release Bow.VERY accurate.I split two Beaman ICS Hunters a few years back right down the middle.You can unscrew the rear arrow from the front.One was at 20 yards and the second about 2 weeks later at 25 yards.Any reasonable offer would be considered.I have extra Arrows Broadheads ,etc, that I may sell.I have Bow Hunted for 33 years.I have heard great things about the Excalibur Bows.I have always shot a VERY quiet bow.Before this Bow I shot a Hoyt Ram Hunter for 16-17 years.Slow speed but with a 2117 Shaft and a four blade Rocky Moutain Razor Broadhead it was liking hitting a deer with a brick.Great penetration.Not a speedy bow at all.But smooth,quiet, and forgiving.God Bless ! luvtohunt16