Who of you short draw/low poundage guys and gals going with Rage 40KE's this year?


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    Who of you short draw/low poundage guys and gals going with Rage 40KE's this year?

    Thinking on letting Jr. use the Rage 40KE's this year.

    I am a Reaper fan (and a mechanical head fan in general) but don't think at 45# and 26" draw on his Seven 37 'reapers would be a good choice, or any mechanical head really.........except maybe the Rage 40KE's.

    He can draw 50# but I am a believer in being able to draw very comfortably when you're cold and been sitting still for a long while so 45# is gonna be his limit, I think.

    Haven't chrono'd this setup lately and calc'd the kinetic energy yet but I expect he is close to the 40ft-lbs minimum recommended by Rage for these heads.

    Anyone committed to using these "low KE" heads yet?

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    dont do it, a good solid fixed head will work better for him.stingers come to mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dtrkyman View Post
    dont do it, a good solid fixed head will work better for him.stingers come to mind.
    I would agree. The 40KE heads might work, but might has never been good enough for me. My favorite fixed head is a 4 blade muzzy.

    PS reapers rule

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    I bought my girlfriend her first bow last week. She is pulling 45 lbs right now. Hopfully she will be up to 50 lbs by time the season starts. She has a 24" draw length. If she gets to 50 lbs it will put her just over 40KE, and I wouldn't think of letting her use a mechanical... I want to give her the best chance possible to kill her first deer. Fixed blades for low KE.

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    Personally, I don't think the problem you would have with the Rage 40KE would be that it's a mechanical. More that it is 1 1/2" diameter.

    When my boys get to this point, they will be using a COC head. I'm taking no chances. But that's just me.

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    I'm gonna try them this year, but I am shooting a 343 grain arrow at 56lbs with a speed of 287 FPS. 64 lbs of initial KE. Should do the "Trick" (pun intended)! LOL!

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    Thought about it for my wife when we go bear hunting, but I found the Striker Magnums, 125gr, COC with 1 1/2 inch cut.

    Shot them for the first time the other day, dead solid on mine and her field points. That was at 20 yards, and so far they are on on the 25 and 30 pin.

    Liked the 125 grain versus the 100 grain, her KE went to 48 (was 41 with 100gr), and only lost 2 fps.

    Last year she shot a bear with the three blade rage. Did not get a pass through, bear only went 100 yards.... So can't complain with Rage either. My bear went only 40 yards with the three blade rage. Had a pass through, I shoot a Bowtech allegiance, 26" draw at 68#s

    Good luck!

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    Thanks to all for the replies.

    Still up in the air over this.

    We have plenty of Muzzy's around for him to use as he has been the past 2 years.

    Shot a doe last year that we lost with a Muzzy head. He was in his own stand so I did not see the shot although he claims it was "perfect", buy hey, he was a very pumped kid so who knows.

    I did find the broken off arrow though and penetration was poor. Maybe 6" at most. Quite a lot of blood for awhile then petered out. Don't recall what his draw weight was now for sure but I think around 40# with a 25" DL.

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    its still 1 1/2 diameter so i dont consider it a low dl/ dw head. i like my 2 blade buzzcuts. although im sure my bow can use this 40 ke head they are to much for so little. plus i thought my rage 2 blades felt cheesy
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    My wife shoots 50lbs and uses 85 grain grimreapers. She has had passthroughs on elk with the 280grain setup. 301fps. 27.5 draw
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