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    G5 sgh

    Just got back from a gopher hunt with my son. First time using the G5 SGH and wow...these things just knock the socks off small game. Shots at 25 to 52 yards and they just devastate. I just wished they made an 85 gr head that my little guy could shoot. My judo points and rubber blunts will be collecting rust and dust from now on...and as a bonus I think they skip less then judos. If anyone has found anything better I would be interested in hearing about it. Thanks

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    Ive tried many small game heads and have not found any better than the SGH.

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    I love my SGHs.

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    these heads are brutal. I absolutely love these things, and the best part is the arrow doesnt bury into the ground.

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    They are some great heads, I have shot squirls,birds,rabits,coons and just about every small game animal you can think of with them. The other day I called my dad to let him know I was coming over to fling some arrows and he told me he was at bass pro buying a pellet gun to kill a rat that had been hanging around the drive way. I told if I seen it I would stick it with an arrow. Well I seen it as soon as I got in the drive way,I quickly knocked an arrow on my gt500 and smoked him at 20yards.I then recovered my arrow and found that all the blades where broke off of my sgh.I have pute these things thru some serious abuse and this is the first problem I have seen with them. The rat was sitting in a stone drive way so I can see why it failed.Other than that they are by far the best small game heads I have used.

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    Nothing i have shot with the SGH has moved an inch after the arrow impacted. I love them.
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    Well from these responses sounds like it is the small game head to have..thanks guys.

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    Thumbs up

    They are wicked for sure!

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    how bout some pics.

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    i've shot 47 groundhogs this summer with them and no issues at all,I was afaid the tips would break off but not one yet and i'm shooting 70 lbs,, highly recommend love shooting groundhogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    We took these heads out west when we antelope hunted. We did a number on those jack rabbits. Simply devastating. And as accurate as can be.
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