Bears with tracking collars?


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    Bears with tracking collars?

    I've been trying to feed some deer on our place, and I can't keep the bears out of the feed. Bear season opens Sept 15th where I'm at, so I'm determined to kill one with my bow this year. We've set out a game camera and got pics of several bears coming in. One of them has a tracking collar on. He's the only one coming in during daytime. Can you legally kill a bear with the collar, and if so what do you do with it? Thanks!

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    My friend killed one a couple of years ago with his bow and it had a collar, I think Game and Fish took it when he checked it. I'm pretty sure his was a relocated nuisance bear.

    p.s. I'd be willing to help with bear problems!
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    The only safe way to know for sure is to call up the local DNR. Don't risk your hunting privs on potential misinformation.

    I would imagine that it is OK, as it may be hard to tell if an animal has a collar on or not "in the heat of the moment" and that the first reply is correct-you just have to call the appropriate party when you take a collared animal. Better safe than sorry!

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    Shoot the bear and quickly transfer the collar to your buddies truck
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    The DNR Biologists have many bears collared and tagged in our state. They set trap lines in the spring and collar bears that they catch for future studies (ie den studies). The tagged bears are usually bears that are nussiance bears. Once caught, they are tranquilized, tagged, and relocated to more rural areas in the state. The nussiance rule is usually a 3 strike type of deal. A bear with a tag in each ear.. that get's caught being a nussiance for the third time... usually gets the bullet!! It is legal to kill collared bears here, just as long as we report it to the DNR. A die hard big deer hunter is SOL in most parts of WV, but the bear hunting is awesome... especially with a good pack of plott hounds!!

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    it is legal here to kill a collared bear they are usaully collared for research. i would let a collared bear walk if i happened to notice it was tagged the research helps us out.

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    This particular bear has a tag in one ear and a hole in the other (assuming tag just fell out), plus the collar. It sounds like there shouldn't be any problems with it though.

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