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Thread: Bow Case at Walmart

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    Bow Case at Walmart

    Anyone bought one? Seems to be a really good price, I didn't get one cause I don't know if it will fit my new bow or not, seeing as how I didn't get it yet I was just wondering if anyone else saw them.

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    Im not sure which case you have at your Wally World but ours has a decent hard case and it states the ATA that it will handle.
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    got my case at wally world i beleive. its a Allen soft case. been using it for about 7 years now and it is still in great shape.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jlbell View Post
    Im not sure which case you have at your Wally World but ours has a decent hard case and it states the ATA that it will handle.
    Hmm I didn't even take notice, I just saw it was a great price as I was passing by. It was a Plano I could see that. I'll have to check it out tomorrow or something.

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    the great thing about wally world: if it doesn't work..take it back

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    They are the same Plano case you can get at a pro shop so I buy at the pro shop. It costs a little more but I don't like Wal- Mart. As far as their return goes it sucks as well our Wal-Mart wants the custimer to take it back to the department have it inspected then bring it back and wait in the long line again. I did it once but I won't do it agian.
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    I just bought a case a walmart for 20 bucks.. It is a Flambuea.. Hard case really nice for the money.
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    i got a plano hard case a few months ago and my old bow fit in it with room to spare, but now i have a DXT not sure if it will fit because the limbs are moer paralell. I read some reviews about it that were on cabelas and it says it will fit, but be a little snug. My advice is to jsut get the model number or something and check around for reviews people that bought the case give. Good luck

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