Does Sugar Attract Deer?


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    Does Sugar Attract Deer?

    I would think the sweetness of sugar would attract deer, but when I did it it rained and there were just a ton of ants on it... I made a home brew mineral site, would sugar help attract or not?

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    I have no idea. I would think it could attract deer. But if I tried it, I'd be overrun with bears.

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    It might but don't use it, cause you'll have a bunch of fat hunters like me licking the ground. A very sad sight

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    I would take a look at the ingredience of some of the mineral's and stump licking products at the local sporting goods store?

    Heck, put some mollasses, salt, sugar and apple juice in a bucket and you probally end up with the same stuff.

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    I think that may be the issue you will run into now matter what you do with sugar, Have you tried anything else? if not check out my signature you may find something you like

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    I know I have had deer come and lick vanilla extract a lot. Ten times better than the crap they try and push on tv at 10 times the cost.
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    cool anyone else?

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    sweet tooth

    I am sure they have a "sweet tooth" as the old saying goes. A good friend was fishing at a campground and there was a picnic table there by the waters edge. He had a box of Oreo cookies there to snack on and his wife called from their camper that dinner was ready, so he went to the camper to eat. A few minutes later he looks out of the window and 2 deer were there and he watched them eat the entire box of cookies. True story!

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    Like I told ya earlier...Sugar, molases, corn, or like someone said above and I forgot Apple juice works awesome.

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    Thanks guys, I must have put the sugar I tried in a bad area... Thanks!

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    Deer like corn because, are you ready for's sweet. They like the sugar content in it. I think you'll be ok with the sugar as long as you don't support a couple trillion of your local fire ants.

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    LOL thanks... I have tried the corn in a bag ( tasted it to see....)and it seems salty to me... But deer probably taste differently. Yeah anyone else?

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    Dried molasses with the mineral.

    Corn is fine by itself.

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