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    Hoyt Banshee

    I have a very nice Hoyt Banshee for sale. Bought for my son about 5 years ago and was used very little. He was hot on archery for about a month, then lost interest. Now he's a bowhunting buddy but too big for this bow.

    Bow specifics:
    2001 or 2002 Hoyt Banshee
    45# peak weight
    #1 cam with draw length from 17"-20" (label shows #2 cam with 20"-23.5", but it was sold to me new with the wrong cam)
    Toxonics 3-pin sight
    Original style Whisker Biscuit
    Cat Whiskers
    Kisser Button

    Overall, the bow is in excellent condition. Looking for $140 TYD.

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    Price $130 TYD....just add arrows and release.

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    what can the pound be taken down to

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    The dealer had the bow down around 30# without any issues. The side plates that guide the limbs into their pockets are tall enough in the back to keep everthing aligned properly. You might be able to get a couple extra pounds off, but must keep an eye on the capture of the limbs. Let me know if that answered your question.

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    ttt.......at $120 TYD

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    Is the Bow still for sale?

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    The bow is available.

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    ttt at $120 TYD

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    ttt...any offers out there? Great youth bow...used very little.

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    Any takers at $100 plus shipping?

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    Back to the top at $100 TYD

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    Nobody at $100???

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    can i get the draw weight to 35. I'm in the market for a bow for my son who really wants to start hunting. the minimum draw weight is 35 in my state.

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    what is the draw if its 22 ill take it

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    Draw is from 17"-20". It requires a #2 module for the upper draw lengths. I talked with Hoyt regarding the discrepancy between the label and actual draw lengths. They had me check the module...#1 for the shorter lengths. I bought it at Gander Mountain and Hoyt suspects they switched modules with another bow.

    So, after the long answer, the short answer is: Draw Length adjustable from 17"-20" with the current module.

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    ttt at $100TYD

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    still for sale

    very interested contact me back if still avail. thanx

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    The Banshee is sold; pending receipt of payment.

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    Let me know if it isn't paid for. I'm interested a little late

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