Whats the minimum draw weight for a recurve on deer


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Thread: Whats the minimum draw weight for a recurve on deer

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    Whats the minimum draw weight for a recurve on deer

    I know it varies by state and Im looking for real experiences here. Such as

    35 pounds no more than 10 or 12 yards, 40 pounds ???

    anyy help is appreciated

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    I've never shot a recurve, but....
    Draw weight alone is not a good indicator of penetration potential, especially when we are talking minimums.
    Bow power whether it's measured as KE or momentum is influenced by draw weight, draw length, bow effiency, and arrow weight.
    If you want a more reliable minimum I would look toward either a minimum KE or momentum output.

    My wife shoots a compound, but her "bow power" represents a good minimum for whitetails at 20 yards.
    40# peak weight with a 25.5'' draw shoots a 380 gr. arrow @ 213 FPS
    KE = 38# (213x213x380/450240=)
    Momentum = .36 (213x380/225120=)

    If your recurve or compound produces approximately those minimums you should have ample power.
    Paper tune, try different broadheads, fletching, or shafts; don't move the sight for broadheads.
    Mathews Drenalin LD 30" draw 61# 413 gr. arrow @ 273 fps / 68# KE / .50 momentum
    Mathews Drenalin LD 30'' draw 59# 325 gr. arrow @ 292 fps / 62# KE / .42 momentum

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    If your looking to shoot a recurve, you have some homework to do. Check out the traditional forum, it's loaded with good information.

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    I personaly only shoot recurves and would never use anything less than 40lbs.@ 28" but that is just me.
    If you want a answer from a very knowledgeable archer go to the trad. section here on AT and ask VIPER for help, he has a book out and I am sure he would be happy to help.
    You could also go to leather wall or trad gang? and ask for some help.

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    I shoot 50lbs but I have a 27.5" draw. Have no prolems with whitetales.

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    For years the best selling poundage was 45 @ 28". That will be plenty if you tune your bow well and use a good, sharp head.

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    i think in NY you have to pull 45# to hunt deer. so for me i think i would need a 55# recurve because of my little arms.

    if you have a 28+ dl than a 45# will work great
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    I'd say my minimum would be 40#. However, my lowest # recurve currently is 55@29.

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    There's no definitive answer of course. The more bow weight, the heavier the arrow, and the slimmer the broadhead, the better the penetration for a given hit. It's a matter of what weight you can shoot well and the limitations you're willing to accept. I've hunted with selfbacked wooden bows exclusively for the last decade, and prefer weights from the high 50's through mid 60's, with heavy arrows. But if push came to shove, I'd have no qualms about using a 30#-er with 300-400 grn arrows and 2 blade heads. Perhaps less. The arrow only has to penetrate a few inches to destroy vital organs. On the other hand, if the shot goes bad and bone or dense muscle is encountered, there may not be enough oompf for the arrow to reach the vital organs. So it's a balancing act, sort of a sliding scale on what you can live with.

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    I appreciate all the info, I will continue to research this.

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