2 inch vanes and, broadheads???????


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    2 inch vanes and, broadheads???????

    For the guys shooting arrows with 2 inch vanes---What type of broad heads are you using to achieve good flight. I will admitt I have bowhunted for years using the old standard 4" feathers and, vanes using fixed blade heads. I have recently been shooting some carbon express arrows with 2 inch blazer vanes and, absolutely love how they fly using target tips. I will even concider mechanicals. My bow speed and, energy are not a problem with mechanicals---I guess I am just old school.---let me know what you all are shooting on arrows with 2 inch vanes for hunting.

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    G5 Montecs, and I love them

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    2" Blazers on Easton Epic shafts with Wasp Boss Bullet broadheads
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    Quote Originally Posted by curverbowruss View Post
    I have recently been shooting some carbon express arrows with 2 inch blazer vanes and, absolutely love how they fly using target tips.
    Same here, 3d select to be precise but so far slick tricks as for fixed blades have worked excellent for me. This year my curiosity has gotten the best of me and I'll be shooting the atom bh, lol accuracy with field tips doesn't even compare... well I've not needed to make a single adjustment anyways.

    Will be trying them out on game rather than targets this season and will post pictures.... hopefully.

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    Montecs, strikers, slick tricks(mags and standard), razor tricks, some old wasp cam-locks...... 2in and 1.5in blazers.
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    2Bld. Buzzcut 100gr. Easton Axis N Fused and 2" Fusion vanes...fly like darts at 60 and im sure farther but I dont shoot farther.

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    Does anyone know the weight difference between the 4s and the 2s? And will going to 2s improve FOC? I've been thinking about the switch, my longest shot would be 30 metres and generally low wind (thick bush, spot stalk stuff)

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    my blazers worked good with my broadheads. 2 blade magnus buzzcuts and 4 blade stingers, crimson talon xt, rage 2 and 3 blade. all flew great.

    but i switched to FOBS. they work better with broadheads IMO
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    2" vanes weigh about 5grs each and 4" vanes are about 8grs each.

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    I prefer 3 inch for longer range when i use a broadhead. But i have found that blazers do the trick as well, but like i said, i just prefer 3 inch better
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    2 inch blazers
    carbon express cx 300 shafts

    Boroadheads that I have shot without issues

    Magnus stinger 4 blade 100 gr.
    Magnus snuffer 100 gr. (currently shooting these)
    Slick Trick 100 gr.
    Snyper 2 blade 100 gr. (currently shooting these)
    I hunt because I love it!
    07 Bowtech Tribute w/ smooth mods,28.5" draw, 70#, TrophyTaker rest, Sword Twilight Hunter sights,Carbon Express Terminator Lite Hunters 28 1/4" with 100 grain broadhead = 437 grain arrow.
    G5 T3 Broadhead

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    125 gr 4-blade Stingers. I was shooting 3" groups at 50 yards today - had to start shooting at individual spots instead after cutting off a Blazer.

    Good luck whatever you choose.

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    I shot 100 grain heads, typically Atoms. I've also had good luck with Montecs and Shuttle T's.

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    Thanks for the replies:
    Let me begin by saying that for the past several years I have been using Maximas and, terminators with 125 grain Montec G-5 heads with great results, 4" vanes
    This year I picked up 1 dozen 60/75 termanators(Carbon Express) with 2" Blazer vanes. I had several folks tell me that they will only use mechanical heads with vanes this short as they have tuning issues.
    WELLLLLL---today I took my Morrell yellow Jacket broad head target to the back yard. I set up at 20 yards and, 30 yards. All I did was put my 125 grain Montec G-5 heads on and, did nothing other than spin test the arrows before shooting. I had absolutely GREAT results and, had VERY tight groups where arrows were touching in the 2" bulls eye I had drawn on the center of the target with a permanent marker at both 20 and, 30 yards. I was and, am very happy thus far with my tuning process. I phoned a close friend and, had to share the results. I as I said am used to shooting full length arrows with 125 grain heads as my draw length is 31". For me the thing that caught me off guard was the fact that many folks told me NOT to even attempt to shoot fixed blade heads using 2" vanes. My experience has ALWAYS been----tune the bow and, things usually work out. Most of the guys who told me NOT to attempt to use the fixed blades spend VERY little time tuning. If they have ANY flight issues they immediately resort to mechanicals. Now grant you I have NOTHING against mechanicals but, have always used fixed blades and, wanted to experiment. The information my buddys gave me was bad. I don't need new heads--just time, patience and, tuning. This year I will again use the Montec G-5 heads on the Carbon Express Terminator 60/75 arrow with 2" vanes. They trully do fly like darts and, group just like my field tips---just took a little work to get things shooting like that. My advice to anyone is to experiment and, do things for yourself when it comes to arrows and, tuning. I have only once had issues getting good flight out of arrow and, broad head combos and, that was with a huge head that was of fixed blade design and, was 145 grains--3 blade Rocky Mountain Razors and, was years back.
    For those that responded--thanks again for your responses--I was curious as to how many might be using fixed blades and, small vanes. THANKS AGAIN.

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    Thumbs up

    I started shooting 2'' NAP spinners and they actually improved my flight on two different fixed broadheads.

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    i have found that any fixed head i have had good flight with using 4 inch vanes, i've had just as good with 2" blazers. I've been shooting 3 blade Muzzys and the MX'x mostly.

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    Used them with Strikers, Steelheads, Stingers, Steel Force Phat Heads and Premiums, Muzzy, Montecs, and olf Gold Tip Gladiators...all of them flew great.

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    Out of my setup Slick Trick Standards and Shuttle T loc's fly great with Blazers. G5 Stikers fly OK with this setup.

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    I have used muzzy's, sonics, Steelforce Phatheads With 4 mini blazers or 3 2" blazers with good results. They will work with any good fixed broadhead.

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    100 grain NAP Hellrazors fly well for me with blazers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by curverbowruss View Post
    let me know what you all are shooting on arrows with 2 inch vanes for hunting.
    I shoot Strikers, Striker Mags, Wac'ems (3 and 4-blade), Shuttle T's, Silverflames, and Silverflame XL's. Every one of these heads will hit the small circles on my Rinehart 18-1 out to 60 yards, and some of them hit them out to 80. I haven't tried the Striker Mags or Silverflame XL's past 60 yet. I use the 2" QS Speed Hunter vanes.
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    2006 LH Bowtech Old Glory 70#, 32 1/2" draw, back to the Hostage rest, SH 7-pin Hunter, 500gr TR Crush 300 @ 285fps.
    2007 LH Bowtech Commander 60#, 32" draw, Limbdriver rest, BG 5-pin Flashpoint.

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    I shoot Nano's with offset blazers. I put slick tricks standard 1" on the front in a 125grain. They shoot IDENTICAL to my 125 grain field points.

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    Quote Originally Posted by curverbowruss View Post
    For me the thing that caught me off guard was the fact that many folks told me NOT to even attempt to shoot fixed blade heads using 2" vanes...The information my buddys gave me was bad.
    These 2 inch vanes like Blazers and the Fusions I shoot are designed for fixed blade broadhead flight! Yeah...your buddies gave you some bad info, lol. I can't even understand why anyone would shoot a Blazer type vane if they thought those vanes would then not allow a fixed blade head to be shot.

    I can't speak about Blazers because I have never shot them. But...I compare the stabilization of Fusion vanes to be equal to the five inch feathers I use to shoot.
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    I shoot 2" blazers on Beman 340's & Grim Reaper broadheads. They fly perfect & have never lost a single animal to them. Matter of fact 90% of the deer I shoot go less than 50 yards after the shot.

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    Started using Blazers last season and love them! Last year I used Tricks and they flew great! I've even got Thunderheads shooting with my field points as well as open Grim Reapers

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