Bohning vs Bitzenburger vs Jo-Jan


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    Bohning vs Bitzenburger vs Jo-Jan

    I wanna know which fletcher you guys have had good experiences with. I will probably be fletching blazer vanes.
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    the bitz rules! and I fletch blazers mini blazers even blazer2's!

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    I've had good luck with the Bohning Helix jig. Most people on here swear by the Bitz and it will have more adjustment. The Bohning Helix jig is easy and the arrows fly well with fixed broadheads.

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    I have a bitz, and I works great but I really miss my Arizona EZ Fletcher It was so much faster.
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    I recently purchased the Bohning Blazer Fletch jig and fletched up a dozen FMJ axis arrows and it was real easy to use. The is the first time I have ever fletch arrows and had no issues with getting the Blazers to stick to the FMJ which are slim arrows even at a true 3 degree helical.

    With this jig you are limited to smaller vanes but keep this in mind: the helical setting is based on a 2" vane. If you wanted to get the same amount of helical out of a Blitz you would have to set it at six degrees, because it is based on a full four inch vane so with the 2" Blazer you are only getting half the helical.

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    Love my bitz jig

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    Bitz rocks!
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    I have a jo-jan, but have recentely tried a bitz and like it better. I found it to be better at getting the blazers to sit perfectely flat on the shaft. With the jo-jan I had problems with the jig wanting to put the blazers on crooked and not getting full fletching base to shaft contact.
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    If all you're ever going to shoot is Blazers or other 2" vanes then get the Bohning Helix, super easy to use with perfect results every time ...

    If you're going to fletch anything other than 2" vanes then go with the Bitz ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyles View Post
    the bitz rules! and I fletch blazers mini blazers even blazer2's!
    Bitz is the best but it can be even better. With the upgrade nock receiver by Zenith you can do a flawless job with any arrow/vane combination. See the threads listed below and search for other comments from those who already have the upgrade. If you use a fast set glue it's not a time consuming job doing one vane at a time.

    Joe B.

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    The Bitz and the Grayling have worked great for me with Blazers

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