Homemade archery target, with pics!


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    Talking Homemade archery target, with pics!

    The finished product is 2 3x3 ft squares of 2x6's back to back. I stuffed it full of one of my smaller old targets and some blankets. I stapled plastic bird netting on the front and back of the 2x6's just to hold the stuffing in. I put 2 inches of a dense foam in the very back to stop anything from poking through the back. I then attached some pressboard along the sides of the 2x6's to hold the 2 sets of 2x6's together, it also looks a lot nicer. I then got a white sheet from wal-mart and spray painted some targets on the face of it and nailed some trim around the outside edges to clean it up and make it look nice. All in all I have about $15-20 in the whole thing, pretty cheap and it works great. I have some pictures of it, I forgot to get some front pictures of it but ill show you what I have.

    And last but not least, my wonderful girlfriend who helped me with it all.
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    Looks awesome! Wish I had one in my backyard.
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    Very Nice!

    Like that target too! Did you make it yourself? sory but it had to be done!

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    Nice, thanks for sharing.

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