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      grey, my goof on ebay. I hit the link and it looked like ebay.

      The good thing about wood arrows is that they are not that expensive. If you are not concerned about tight tolerances, you can get arrows from a company like 3 Rivers. You just need to be sure that the seller lists the spine, which will be in five pound increments for wood. You will see ranges like 30-35 which means 30 to 35 pounds. There are factors that affect that. A fast flight string will produce more speed and require a slightly stiffer arrow. How your bow is cut to center affects it. The length of the arrow as well. An uncut arrow will be more flexible. Also the point weight affects flexibility. Pushing a heavier point makes the arrow bend more. Here is a link to 3 Rivers. I am not a real fan of their arrow since they have large weight spans, but that makes them more affordable. Usually , you can get help from the seller to determine the best spine to start with.

      I buy my arrows from Wapiti Archery. They are really good arrows but still affordable compared to carbon.
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      Hey all,

      I'm new here and fairly new to archery. I've been shooting for a few months on my own with a traditional recurve, old as hell too but works fine for now. I recently picked up some wood arrows from Cabellas and I'm trying to fit the heads on them but having some trouble. They are uncut, but I don't think I need to cut them because I draw back quite far (long arms) so the length is fine. Here are the arrows:

      The salesmen gave me 11/32 heads and said to use sand paper and sand down the tips to put the arrow head on but I can't seem to get it right. Is there an arrowhead that I could fit right on, without sanding, and use some eproxy or glue? I don't know much of the technical stuff yet so any help is appreciated! Thanks!

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