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one of my favorite Tactacam reveal pictures. This is my picture
I call this fletching "jolly rancher" šŸ¤£
Hoyt Ventum 33 pro
2022 TAC Oklahoma
Setting up a new bow, i'm stunned this 30" ATA bow is this stable. At 30 yards I was able to robinhood the first two arrows!
66ā€ntn ash selfbow ambidextrous, 90#at 28
Biggest bow kill to date
Hurt my elbow and can no longer bow hunt, bow is in great condition and has new strings and cam!
Selling my bow, great condition and very well maintained!
Custom painted, lots of extras!!!! $500.00 for all!!
flint arrow head lodged in inner arch of right jaw bone of a white tail deer the entire skeleton was present wit/ 7seven other pionts lodged in other bones with several found below body of the deer all arrow heads