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I filled my deer bow tag for the first time. I have had several encounters with smaller bucks and many does that I passed on waiting for The Big One. It didn’t happen like I thought I would, where I would see him a hundred yards away, time to prepare myself for the shot, and maintain composure. A half hour from sunset, this guy snuck up on me seemingly out of nowhere (obstructed view in blind) and we spooked each other at 10 yards away. He trotted off as I pulled back and stopped and looked at me over his shoulder what felt like an eternity. He turned to go behind some thick trees and gave me a split second quartered away shot and I took it and bagged him! Definitely the largest buck I have shot to date (only been gun hunting prior) and look forward to the long sits next season if I don’t fill the tag stalking Mules in Western ND.


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