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Showcase cover image for Onestringer Limbsations-Elite Enkore 2020

General Information

Limbsations-Enkore 2020 - Onestringer

Custom black/color enkore limbsations

Set of 4 pieces for split limb bow

.6 x 10.25

Onestringer Arrow Wraps-Limbsations

  • Onestringer Limbsations are designed to enhance and show off your style
  • Printed on the ultra-conformable 2.4 mil self adhesive vinyl
  • Air release liner allows for easy bubble free application
  • Laminated with a high quality matte finish
  • Sold as a set that will cover 1 side of each your limbs
  • o a set of 2 for standard limb bows
  • o a set of 4 for split limb bows
    • Available in a variety of lengths to suit your specific needs
    • Available in a variety of widths to give you the perfect coverage
  • Made in the USA



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