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  1. How to determine Max Draw Weight 2009 Black Ice?

    Diamond Archery Discussion
    I shoot a 2009 Diamond Black Ice that is set at a 27" draw length and I was recently told by a Cabelas Archery department employee that my bow is set at 54 lbs, but that he would not be able to increase the draw weight. When I purchased the bow I thought that it was a 60+. How can I determine...
  2. ***MINT- Limbsaver Deadzone DZ-32 compound bow w/extras***

    Hunting Bows
    I have too many bows, need to sell a few. I have a mint condition 2009 Limbsaver DeadZone DZ 32 with a 29 inch draw (Large Cam) and #70 weight. This bow shoots flawless, very smooth easy draw cycle and FAST . Here are the specs. Brace Height: 7.125 " ATA length: 32 " Draw Weight: 30 lbs -...
  3. 2009 Bowtech Admiral Limbs

    Strings, cams, modules and limbs
    2 sets of limbs: 70# limbs originally came with the bow $50 plus shipping. A new set of 50# limbs $100. Both are in Hardwoods Green camo.
  4. Mathews 2009 monster and reezen

    Hunting Bows
    MATHEWS reezen 6.5 24.5 draw rh 60 lb mathews down force rest spot hogg real deal axion stabilizer dead end string stop and focus grip.$650.00 Mathews monster 27 in draw 70 lb dead end string stop T5 arrow web quiver mathews down force rest 5pin .10 spothogg real deal chubby hunter...
  5. 2009 Bowtech Admiral RH

    Hunting Bows
    This right hand bow comes with 60# & 70# limbs. Currently has the 60# limbs. For $500 you get the package with 2012 Armortech, 7-pin, .010 sight ($200 value), 2012 camo Whisker biscuit pro ($80 value), 4.5" S-coil stabilizer and Octane Bantam quiver($80 value), G5 meta peep, G5 speed studs. $400...
  6. 2009 Hoyt Vantage Elite~~Jade Green~~~ Excellent Condition!!~ Extras!

    Target Bows
    Up For Sale is a 2009 Hoyt Vantage Elite, excellent condition, Bare Bow Only. No marks or dings (except the rest hole). This bow is 50 to 60 Pounds Draw Length is 28.5 to 31 G4 OBR Cam 1/2 plus cams Custom Strings and Cables (Green/Black) Speed Nocks On String XT 2000 Pro Series Limbs This...
  7. Cam for 2009 Diamond Marquis RH

    Hunting Bows
    I'm looking for the lower cam for a 2009 Diamond Marquis RH. Please contact me with picture ASAP!!!!
  8. 2009 Mathews Monster 6 RH 70 / 30

    Hunting Bows
    Asking $450. This bow is an awesome shooter, but the draw length has never been long enough for me, and they couldn't be made longer than 30 inches back in 2009. It is currently set for 68 lbs, and shoots 335 fps with a 371 grain arrow. D loop, Specialty Archery pro series hooded 3/16 super...
  9. 2009 PSE Xforce Super Short

    Hunting Bows
    2009 PSE Xforce Super Short custom bow. Black riser with mossy oak treestand limbs. GX cams, 29" draw and 55# limbs. 9/10 with custom string by 60X, approx 1000 shots on bow/ 250-350 on string. Currently has camo QAD Pro HD rest, TruGlo Extreme Micro adjust 5 pin sight (.10 pins), Vibracheck...
  10. Relist: 2009 Diamond The Rock 50#/29" with 23" & 25" mods + extras $260 TYD!!!

    Hunting Bows
    Relist: 2009 Diamond The Rock 50#/29" with 23" & 25" mods + extras $260 TYD!!! I bought this bow brand new in May of 2009. It has 50 pound limbs and has 29" module installed. I also have 23" and 25" mods for it. I have probably shot this bow 20,000 times. About 12 grand with the factory strings...
  11. 2009 Hoyt Alphamax 32 for sale

    Hunting Bows
    2009 hoyt alphamax 32. draw length is set for 28.5 inches number 3 mods installed 60-70# limbs it comes with -trophy ridge drop zone rest with the harmonic dampers -truglo carbon xs sight .019 diameter -truglo peep -pink kisser -d- loop -simms s coil stabilizer -apex bone collector 5...
  12. 2009 Ross Cardiac loaded!!!

    Hunting Bows
    I have a 2009 Ross Cardiac for sale. Bow is rated at 70lbs with an adjustable 26" - 30" draw. Used for only two seasons. Excellent Condition!!! Included with this bow: -Spot Hogg 5 pin sight. .019 -Octane Stabilizer -Hostage pro rest -apex quiver -7 gold tip extreme hunter arrows -Plano Bow...
  13. Jade alphamax 35

    Target Bows
    I have a alphamax 35 2009 in jade specs are 50-60lbs size 2 cams color is jade it is in good condition I would say a 9/10 with no notible scratches it has a winners choice cable slide and custom 452x strings and cables in green and black with black serving it will include the sling the Schafer...
  14. ***2009 BowTech Admiral...update***

    Hunting Bows
    2009 BowTech Admiral for sale !! Great deal !! This is a great bow and in great condition! It is a 2009, but I bought it new from the dealer in September 2010. It is being sold as is with no scratches other than where hardware has been mounted. I have had zero problems with this bow. It is...
  15. PSE MoneyMaker Black NI Single Cam

    Target Bows
    2009 PSE MoneyMaker gloss black. Currently 65lb (sticker says 70#) Strings in good condition Widely adjustable draw length Individually adjustable limbs A couple scratches on the front of riser (cosmetic only - nothing major) - see pic $425 TYD Paypal
  16. 2009 browning illusion tc 60-70# 85% let off

    Hunting Bows
    I am selling my 2009 browning illusion tc. It is 60-70# with 85% let off. It has recently had new custom blaack and green string and cables put on it. The bow is in great shape and comes with tru glo sights, limbsaver stabilizer, trophy ridge drop zone, and string stop. $425
  17. 2009 Ross Carnivore 34... $350 tyd

    Hunting Bows
    I am in the market for a new bow, but need to sell my bow first. Its a 2009 Ross Carnivore 34 made by Bowtech. HHA single pin sight, Doinker Stabilizer, wrist sling, and G5 meta peep. I already sold the arrow rest. Its has been hunted with for one season but everything looks in excellent shape...
  18. 2009 browning illusion tc 60-70# 85% let off

    Hunting Bows
    Great hunting bow has new black and green string and cables,string stop,tru glo sights,limbsaver stabilizer, D loop, and peep sight. Draw length can be adjusted without a bow press along with let off also. Comes with everything you need to start hunting except arrows and quiver! $500
  19. Bowtech Admiral 09 fully loaded

    Hunting Bows
    09 Bowtech Admiral 2009 Bowtech Admiral right hand with new strings and a second set of custom made strings. 60-70lb limbs, currently at 27.5 draw but adjusts from 24-30 with an allen wrench. It has a QAD rest and a G5 XR 4pin sight with the 4th being a floating pin. Octane 7" stab and wrist...
  20. 2009 Hoyt PowerHawk

    Hunting Bows
    For Sale - Used in great shape! - 70lb max, 25.5" to 27.7"dl, WB rest, Extreme 3-pin sight, d-loop, peep sight, Bohning quiver, & 4 Beman MFX Realtree 26.5" carbon arrows w/100gr field points. $350.00 tyd to lower 48. Firm - no trades.