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2011 bows

  1. 2011 Mathews Apex 8 Smoke Orange

    Target Bows
    2011 Apex 8, Smoke Orange, 28.5, 60#, 65% LO, sure-loc challenger w/ orange accessories, orange dampeners, orange sting stop, and orange pro pod. Stabelizer, scope, and arrow rest do not go with the bow. Bow retails for 1299.00, Sur-loc 249.00, Sure-Loc accessories 45.99, String Stop 54.99...
  2. Your Favorite 2011 Bow

    General Archery Discussion
    So I did a similar post last year and had a great poll input. So I thought with all 2011 bows out, it is time to see again who takes the lead. There is of course a lot of fan boys out there that get people to vote but that is the point and fun of the post. So without further avail, here is the...
  3. New 2011 model bow set up pics!

    General Archery Discussion
    Let's see what the latest and greatest models are out there and the new accessories. Post some pics, I will start with my new 2011 Apex 8, orange smoke, orange'd out sure loc, and the dampner accessories from Mathews. I am having redhawk archery make me a custom orange scope. looking to anodize...
  4. 2011 bow reviews from Ike's Outdoors

    General Archery Discussion
    2011 is rapidly approaching and I am excited to say it looks like I have lined up some great bow reviews. The list may change. Hopefully to add new bows. I have several shops that are going to allow me to come in and review their complete line up. I'd like to thank the Old Cabin Shop in...
  5. Have you tried any of these new bows? Stinks being a Leftie when you're bow shopping!

    General Archery Discussion
    OK, so it's my fault that "I shoot with the wrong arm." ~ I'll admit it. I'd love some general feedback and knowledge from anyone who has actual experience with the following bows: (If you've either shot them, or you "know things" pertinent to these bows and their engineering / designs ~ I'd...