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28 inch draw

  1. Mathews TRX 7, Right Hand, 60 lbs 28 inch draw, Black

    Target Bows
    Hello I have a Mathews TRX 7, right hand, 60 lbs, black also have with the bow the 27.5 mods included I set the bow up for indoor and decided to shoot a different bow This bow is like new condition and is very smooth, great shooting bow just need to lower my bow count, I have a new hunting...
  2. Elite GTO

    Hunting Bows
    55 to 65 lbs 28 inch draw Trophy Ridge Sight New light 10 inch stabilizer No rest $350.00 Phone number- 740-286-2063
  3. Bowtech Pro 40 Daully

    Hunting Bows
    50 to 60 lbs 28 inch draw Grey&Black marble riser camo limbs new cables schrud grip + string $200.00 Phone Number- 740-286-2063
  4. Mathews Featherlite

    Hunting Bows
    60 to 70 lbs 28 inch draw $200.00 phone number- 740-286-2063
  5. Bowtech 82nd Airborne

    Hunting Bows
    New string & cables 40-50 lbs 28 inch draw $350.00 Phone number 740-286-2063
  6. 2012 Mathews Heli-m 70lb 28"dl

    Left Handed Hunting Bows
    I have a Mathews heli-m lost camo hunting bow I'm looking to Sell. it is currently set up with a qad rest that is already super tuned to the bow. It shoots lasers. And a t5 quiver to match the bow. the bow has 70 pound limbs and a 28 inch draw length. This bow is in mint condition not a scratch...
  7. 2010 Mathews Conquest Triumph 28" 70#

    Target Bows
    This is a '10 Triumph Color- Black Riser Camo limbs Draw Weight- 70# Draw length- 28 inch Let-off- 65% Brace 7 inches Axle to axle 39 inches IBO speed 325 MSRP $1299 Asking $600 tyd... Bow is from the second half of '10 and has the "good" limb pockets. It has normal markings from arrow rest...
  8. (((((((((((((ar volocity +_ eccessories))))))

    Hunting Bows
    60-70 limbs 28 inch draw camo rest peep stablizer sts d lood wrist sling wrist release $$$$$$$$$200.00 tyd