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  1. WTB Darton J35 27.5" modules for 3800 and M35 27.5" modules for 2800

    Want to buy or trade? WTB or WTT.
    I need a set of the J35 (27.5") modules for a 3800 I am only interested in the J series modules. I also need a set of the M35 (27.5") modules for a Darton 2800. Please PM me if you have either set you would like to sell.
  2. 2012 Badlands 2200 Realtree AP HD Brand New in Plastic with Tags $210 TYD

    Clothing, Packs, Footwear and Bow Cases
    Brand new Badlands 2200. $210 TYD. Realtree AP HD. Ship to lower 48 for that price. Price is firm. Please PM me.
  3. Badlands 2200 - Realtree AP

    Clothing, Packs, Footwear and Bow Cases
    Up for sale is a used Badlands 2200 pack in Realtree AP. The pack is in great condition, with functional zippers. All of the zipper tabs are in-tact, etc. The front waist buckle was replaced by Badlands with a more robust buckle. $145 Shipped! Paypal preferred! Please send me a PM if interested.
  4. Badlands 2800

    Clothing, Packs, Footwear and Bow Cases
    I have a Badlands 2800 pack that I would like to sell. I received it as an X-Mas present in 2007 and it has been in the woods exactly 1 time. It is just way more pack then I need. Perfect Shape. Lifetime Warranty. - $150 shipped t.y.d. and I do take PayPal. Cheers. AJ