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  1. 2011 Elite Pure Ninja 29/60 - Trade or Sell

    Hunting Bows
    Sale - 2011 Elite Pure, all black, 29/60 (with extra 29.5" mods included). Very good condition, very sharp. String set in near-new condition (flo-green and grey). Saunders Hyper-Slide, peep and loop included. Only cosmetic blemish is the obligatory set screw mark at the rest and hard-to-spot...
  2. 2014 PSE full throttle, 29/60, black

    Hunting Bows
    Time to make room for new toys, it pains me to see this one go, its my favorite PSE to date. Please review my feedback as i take great pride making transactions go smoothly Also, i take care of my equipment and this one was babied like all the rest. $625 (bare bow) shipped to the contiguous...
  3. Hoyt Trykon XL 29/60 or 31.5/60

    Hunting Bows
    2006 hoyt trykon XL camo 60 pound limbs either 29" or 31.5" draw length 29" cams are high let-off (80%) 31.5" draw available high or low let-off (80% or 65%) at 31.5" the weight actually maxes out about 65 pounds, 29" probably around 62-63 pounds have at least one extra set of strings for each...