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  1. Want to buy or trade? WTB or WTT.
    Looking to sell or trade my Viper target scope. 1 3/8" w/ a 6x Zeiss Lens w/ original packaging. Missing the pin & fiber out of sight as I use a small dot instead. Looking to trade for a 29mm scope with 4x or 6x lens. let me know what you got.
  2. Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners
    I am selling 4 lenses each lens for $200 OBO or will trade one for a Bee Stinger stab setup 30 " and 15" with weights, only item I am wanting to trade for. Lens sell for $379.99 at Lancaster... no scratches just smudges from dot sticker easily clean I just didn't notice smudges before I took...
  3. Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners
    This shibuya scope and lens are like new. Barely used and is in perfect condition. The lens is a 4x lens. These retail at $230. My firm asking price is 180 shipped to your door.
  4. Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners
    For Sale Sureloc 29mm scope with Falcon lens, Comes with fiber intensity kit, though its in need of a new fiber strand. I believe its a .10 up pin. This scope was bought used has a few marks on the lens so I am not going to ask alot for it. I believe the lens is 2X. The housing is in...
  5. Misc. Items Only Want to Buy or Trade? WTB or WTT
    Hello. I'm looking for a 6X lens for my Shibuya scope. 29mm (1.14") Nikon, Feather Vision or what have you. Trying to see if it's the correct magnification for me! Thanks for your time.
  6. Misc. Items Only Want to Buy or Trade? WTB or WTT
    I am looking for a 1.0 diopter Black Eagle lens for a 29mm Sure-Loc scope.
1-6 of 6 Results