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    Rests, Releases, Grips, Wrist Straps and Slings
    For Sale: T.R.U. Ball HBX Signature Series Release Condition: New never shot or used Size: 3 Finger, Medium Some Features: • Five different ways to activate: Steadily increasing pressure Transfer tension method Tension only method Thumb activation method Ring finger trigger...
  2. Set Ups for Trad Archery Shoot - Oktobowfest

    Traditional Archery
    Ever since i went and shot in Germany and Austria, i wanted to bring and bring a German 3D Shoot here (Bogenparcours). Well the club did not give me the best date, but you have to make do with what you have. This is shaping up to be an awesome event. Here is the flyer and below are some of the...
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  4. New Breed GX36

    Left Handed Target Bows
    I have an excellent condition New Breed GX36 for sale. only mark on the bow is where I mounted the sight so I could shoot it in. I have 4 bows, and two of them are GX36. This is my back up bow and now that I have a new one, I no longer need this one. It is a phenomenal shooting bow and I am...
  5. New Bow Advice

    Young Archers Forum
    Currently fifteen and have been shooting for about ten years now and for about five or six years I've been shooting a Mission Craze by Mathews. I am looking for a bow that I can seriously compete with as well as use for hunting. I compete with my grandmother every weekend in our local league and...
  6. WWT : Creed for Halon X

    Want to buy (WTB) or Want to trade (WTT) Bows?
    Wanting trade my loaded Creed totally lost camo for a Halon X. The creed has the 60-70 limbs, QAD rest, Viper sight with lens, axiom stab, claw quiver. I have a Triax but want a dedicated 3D setup.
  7. Hudson Valley Extreme Archery Challenge

    3D Archery
    Hey everyone, Just wanted to let you know about this shoot I'm running. This is not a competition, but a fun filled test of skill. All types of shots and challenges for you. 30 Plus challenges. We are also having a best quiver contest, to see who has the most awesome looking quiver. Been working...
  8. Anyone shoot a lens with fixed pins?

    3D Archery
    I shoot fixed pins and have never shot with a lens before. But I am considering giving it a try next year for 3D. I have a CBE Tek Hybrid Pro sight with 3 pins. I'm trying to decide what power to try. I'm thinking either a 2x or 3x. I'm hoping to not have to use a lens in my peep if I can...
  9. Spotting scope for 3D?

    3D Archery
    I'm just getting into 3D shoots. I've hunted for years. I was wondering what your guys opinion is on this. I've used this Athlon Ares 7.5-25x50 spotting scope to spot bullet impact at 700 yards. I'm thinking on a monopod this would be a sweet little setup for 3D Archery. Monopod and spotting...
  10. IBO National Triple Crown Peer Group Question

    3D Archery
    Can someone tell me how peer groups are established for the 3 legs of the national triple crown series? I read in the rule books that a peer group "may" be made up of the top 10 scores from a previous competition. Last year I only hit the 3rd leg so didn't have to worry about it. But this...
  11. Target sight

    Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners
    I have a target sight that I don’t know much about. It has worked well when I used it but I’m not much of a target archer. Maybe someone on here can tell me more about it and what it’s worth I’ll start the price at 150 and you all can tell me if I’m crazy lol. It has an HHA housing on it at this...
  12. Black Gold Surge 7-pin sight

    Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners
    Selling my Black Gold Surge 7-pin sight. This is similar to what is now the Backdraft. It has the "one turn=one inch" micro adjust feature. Comes in the lost camo pattern. Has 7 pins with .19 fiber. Asking $125tyd. Thanks for looking!
  13. Lloydminster Archers 2018 Indoor 3D Classic January 6 and 7

    Canadian Forum
    First big 3D shoot of the season. Lloydminster Archers are holding the annual Indoor 3D Classic. $1000 Cash Grand Prix Sunday, Free Kids Grand Prix Saturday. We've ordered another 10 medium sized Rineharts to our already awesome course. And lots of new cores to ensure quality targets and...
  14. Newcomer to 3D and archerytalk

    3D Archery
    Hello everyone, My experience with archery is primarily from a hunting perspective. I competed in my first few local 3D archery tournaments this year with my hunting set up. I shot well but could not help but notice that I was at a distinct disadvantage compared to the individuals shooting...
  15. Trick Shot at a 3D Shoot

    Traditional Archery
    This past weekend on a whim we went to a local 3D shoot. Well the last target was a pretty neat trick shot. One i seen before and always wanted to try. But just with my luck I brought a 50 year old Fiberglass bow and arrows from a different bow (I was just shooting for fun). To top it all off...
  16. Browning archery stool cooler

    Accessories and General Hunting Items
    I have a browning stool i converted into a 3D chair has 3 tubes for arrows on its sides. Under the seat is a cooler and on it has a front storage pocket. i never used the cooler as a cooler just storage for binos range finders and other tools very light and easy to carry still in great condition...
  17. Class and Range at the Classic

    General Archery Discussion
    What range and class are you on for the upcoming Classic? I'm HSP male on K and L.
  18. Anyone shoot all 40 targets in a single day at a Triple Crown Event?

    3D Archery
    I'll be hitting the 3rd leg of the IBO Triple Crown this weekend. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it in until late Friday evening. I am thinking about trying to get all 40 targets in on Saturday. Anyone have any experience doing this? 40 shots is nothing physically. But the large...
  19. Total Archery Challenge ~ Boyne Michigan

    3D Archery
    My first time shooting at a Total Archery Challenge Event was this past weekend at Boyne Mountain Michigan, what an excellent 3D SHOOT! This shoot separates the boys from the men in shooting proficiency! I had shot many zero's over the course of this past weekend and lost 2 arrows, I was...
  20. How does this arrow look for my setup

    General Archery Discussion
    Looking to build some arrows that I can use for 3d and indoor. I will eventually build some strict indoor arrows but want to use these for the time being. I have been looking at either the Easton Superdrive 23 or the goldtip triple x. Shooting known yardage 3d. I shoot an obsession m7 at 70...