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3d bow

  1. OK Archery absolute 40 bare bow

    Target Bows
    I have an OK archery absolute 40 in great shape. Wide 60# limbs, grey riser, hardcore bowstrings. Can include DC atvantage sight and rest for add money if desired. Has the large cams and element to fit 29-31" draw I believe. Excact same bow you can buy for new for $1800......asking $900 but i'm...
  2. Mathews Halon 32 / 6

    Hunting Bows
    Mathews Halon 32 / 6 50-60 lbs. limbs 27" mods Great Bow, just need to sell. $650 tyd
  3. Elite Answer slim green

    Target Bows
    I have an elite answer with 70 lb limbs and A1 mods which is a 30 inch draw. This is the perfect bow for a 3D shooter because of it ease to shoot at 70 lbs. I own three of the answers and still believe it’s one of elites smoothest bows to date. It is in good shape and the only thing I don’t like...
  4. 2017 High Country Ascension 28-34"dl

    Hunting Bows
    Looking to sell my HCA Ascension. 60lbs limbs. Selling to purchase a 2018 Ascension as a dedicated indoor bow. The one I'm selling makes for an amazing Hunting and/or 3D bow. I'm willing to sell loaded, bare bow or somewhere in between. It will be set to your DL before shipping. I had the bow...
  5. Xpedition perfexion

    Target Bows
    3 Xpedition Perfexions for sale. Green, 2015, #60, RH, 30.5 draw, new strings and cables. $350 OBO. Bare bow Red, 2015, #70, RH, 30.5 draw, new string and cables, $350 OBO. Bare bow. Magenta, 2017, #70, RH, 30.5 draw, $550 OBO. Bare bow. Would trade for Denali, same specs. Add $ if the deal...
  6. 2016 Mathews Chill X - Black 70 lb; 29.5 DL; 75% Letoff

    Target Bows
    FOR SALE 2016 Mathews Chill X Single Owner Purchased new in 2016 This bow is a definite shooter Reason for selling: Purchased a 2016 Halon X and do not need both. 70 lb Limbs 29.5" Draw Length 75% Letoff 7" Brace Height 35" Axle to Axle length Black Bow is in Excellent Condition (Like...
  7. Mathews Halon X RH 70 lb Lost Camo XD

    Hunting Bows
    Hey guys, I'm trying to get back into archery after a couple of decades away from the sport. I bought the bow used and I swapped out the shorter draw length Rockmods with the 30.5" mods that are on there now at Lancaster Archery Supply. When I went to get some arrows a couple weeks later, we...
  8. Hoyt Pro Comp Elite Blackout

    Target Bows
    2.5 Spirals 60# Limbs Bow shoots great! $600
  9. Hoyt Nitrum 34 black riser, camo limbs, 55-65 Lb 26.5" cams (also have 29")

    Want to buy (WTB) or Want to trade (WTT) Bows?
    I'm selling my 2015 Nitrum 34. It's currently equipped with the 26.5" mods but I also have the original 29" mods as well. The bow is in great condition, just want to get something newer. I'm selling it bare bow, but color kit included. Orange and red color scheme. Asking $600 for it. No trades...
  10. Mathews 2017 Target line thoughts?

    Mathews Archery Discussion
    They're here guys! Probably going to be putting an order in for a silver TRX8 in the next few days! What about y'all?
  11. Hello from Mike on the Gold Coast Australia

    WELCOME! New User Forum
    Hi to every one on this forum. Total newbee here. At the age of 61 I have decided to get into archery, a little late maybe but then there is always the masters games. The story goes like this; At the age of 60 I suffered a brain aneurysm, (6 months ago), while Bass fishing in my canoe on a...
  12. For Sale/Trade -Bowtech RPM360,Black,RH,60.

    Hunting Bows
    For Sale/Trade -Bowtech RPM360,Black,RH,60. Excellent condition. 625.00 TYD Bare Bow. I can add a Vapor trail Pro V rest + 50, g5 optix XR site +50. Buy the bow plus sight and rest for 675 TYD. I could sell you an entire outfit, wrist sling, quiver, peep site, release, arrows (My draw is 27.5)...
  13. Hoyt Contender Elite

    Target Bows
    I have a 2012 Hoyt Contender Elite for sale. 28 inch draw at 54 pounds. Custom Kryptic Camo hydro dip (blue/grey) with Black powder coated limb pockets. Limbsavers installed for a little added dampening. Sure-loc Challenger sight with a CBE medium scope. Adjustable aperture peep sight. Trophy...
  14. *** Maitland target bows for sale***

    Target Bows
    1. Blue Maitland Zeus G3 50-60 lbs. DL. 27 1/2" - 28 1/2" 37 1/4" ATA 2. Black Maitland Raptor 3D 50 - 60 lbs. DL. 28 1/2" - 29 1/2" 36 1/2" ATA $450 OBO insured TYD. Please check my feedback ratings and buy with confidence. Thank you jag2000us
  15. 2014 Obsession Phoenix 29.5" 65# Stormy Canary and Target Green

    Hunting Bows
    29.5 Inch draw 55-65# Limbs in Stormy Canary Green QAD HDX Drop-Away Rest Apex Atomic 4-pin Sight G5 MetaPeep D-Loop Loaded bow, $800 Bare Bow, $700 Feel Free to call or text (406)788-0728 Less than 100 shots through this bow. Brand New Kurt
  16. PSE Durango Hunting / 3D Target Compound Bow - Excellent Shape

    Left Handed Hunting Bows
    PSE Durango Compound Hunting / 3D Bow 29" Draw Length - can adjust 70 lbs. Draw Weight SN # 0642075 Left Handed It has a peep sight and a D-loop. I may have a extra wood grip. Great Bow in Great Shape! Can be used for Hunting. Can be camouflaged. I will ship to your door (lower 48 only). I'm...
  17. PSE Durango 3D Target / Hunting Compound Bow - Excellent Shape

    Left Handed Target Bows
    PSE Durango Compound Target Hunting 3D Bow 29" Draw Length - can adjust 70 lbs. Draw Weight SN # 0642075 Left Handed It has a peep sight and a D-loop. I may have a extra wood grip. Great Bow in Great Shape! Can be used for Hunting. Can be camouflaged. I will ship to your door (lower 48 only)...
  18. PSE Supra Custom Forest Green From The PSE Custom Shop. Must See!

    Target Bows
    PSE Supra Custom Satin Forest Green with Dipped Carbon Fiber (light gold and black) limbs. The pictures from my IPad are horrific. This bow is as sharp as it gets! I will try to get some better pictures posted. 50-60 lbs Brand new Tilt Tamer cable guard system to eliminate accuracy robbing...
  19. 2012 cpxl

    Target Bows
    2012 Cpxl has some limb flaking. Comes with v bar mount and d-loop. There are some markings under the grip washers that hold the vbar mount on. It was like that when I got it. This bow is a tack driver just doing a different direction with another company. 575.00 tyd. Bow will be shipped...
  20. Mathews Conquest Prestige

    Target Bows
    60-70 pound camo limbs with a black riser. Comes with the Mathews ArrowWeb two-piece quiver, DownForce rest, limb savers, dampeners and a Dead End string stop. This is an amazing 3D bow. Talk about a solid holding bow with a smooth draw cycle. Everything but the stabilizers. $425 TYD Text...