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3d bow

  1. Hoyt Ultra Elite complete 3D or bare bow

    Target Bows
    Hoyt Ultra Elite – Used 3D/Target Bow Draw Length: 27.5 to 30 in. Set at 28.5 in. XT2000 Limbs, 60 to 70 lbs. with cam&1/2 Also includes: braided red/black/silver wrist sling, Doinker stabilizer (with weights), Golden Key Rest, Toxonics adjustable sight with two Super D Scope lenses (one 3x...
  2. Alphamax 35 Jade

    Target Bows
    Alphamax 35 Jade XTR#2 base module, with new winner choice string 50-60 lb bow is set at 29 1/2" I will change the module from 26 1/2"-29 1/2" $550.00 TYD Money order or bank check, Pay pal add 3% this sale is for the bow only the case is not included.
  3. Red Amber Alphamax 35

    Target Bows
    Red amber Alphamax 35 with XTR#3 base module at 30 1/2" at present, I will Change the module from 29 1/2"-31" $550.TYD Money order or bank check apy pal add 3%Case not for bow only
  4. Constitution 2008

    Hunting Bows
    Camo Bowtech Constitution 28.5" draw 60-70 lbs. Hardly shot in great condition (never stopped shooting the 06 Constitution). Asking $300 but am willing to trade for a good crossbow (my father tore his rotator cuff and needs something to hunt with the year).
  5. New PSE Shark X

    Target Bows
    I have a new PSE Shark X RH. It is a single cam with NRG cam. it has a blue riser and black limbs. It is has 70lbs limbs and the wood grip. Asking $649 tyd in the lower 48. If you have any other questions please PM me. Thanks