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  1. Arizona
    Granite Mountain Archers is holding a 3d Shoot this weekend in Prescott Arizona. Information and location in link below.
  2. SW Shoots
    Granite Mountain Archers is holding a 3D shoot this weekend in Prescott, Arizona. Information and location in link below.
  3. 3D Archery
    First thread but wanted to let people know about this. The Granite Mountain Archers is holding a 3D shoot this weekend. Link below for information and directions.
  4. Arrows & Strings
    Now I have been shooting archery for quite some time now, like since 2009. Maybe I am old school, but hey, I got it working for me. I consider myself to be a decent shot for a "backyard archer", I have gone to other archery ranges and still seem to shoot pretty well as a guest. I usually buy...
  5. 3D Archery
    Hello, all! I am the Assistant Property Manager at Monroe Lake and am responsible for organizing the second leg of the Triple Crown. We have many shooters compliment our shoot each year, and a few who aren't happy about some aspect of the competition. I am seeking feedback from those who...
  6. NW Shoots
    Come join us for a great 3D shoot. - Prize money for top 3 shooters in each category! - Lunch (pulled pork, burgers, chips, drinks) will be served (proceeds go to help local youth group). - Prizes, Raffles, Archery Poker, Long Shot Challenge - Family Friendly - Range Finders OK - 2 Rounds of...
  7. 3d Archery Shoots
    Independent Archers Association - Where the Archer comes 1st! - No membership fees - No Speed Limits (5 grains per lb only) - Known classes - Higher paybacks - Family rates -
  8. Michigan
    Independent Archers Association - Where the Archer comes 1st. - No membership fees - No Speed Limits (5 grains per lb only) - Known classes - Higher paybacks - Family rates -
  9. Great Lakes Shoots
    Reedsburg Outdoor Club, Reedsburg, Wisconsin 2018 Summer Shoot June 30th to July 1, 2018 Reedsburg Outdoor Club will be hosting it's annual summer shoot at the club for Archery, Trap, and Muzzle Loader. Archery: 3D will begin on Saturday June 30th at 8:00am. Registration closes at 2:00pm...
  10. 3D Archery
    Registration is now open for the Indoor Winter 3D League at Archery Addictions! Call or stop by to sign up, or contact us via facebook! $150 per shooter, 12 week league. League members enjoy a 10% discount on any in-stock purchase! We are located at: 1089 Riverview Drive, Walnutport PA 18088
  11. 3d Archery Shoots
    The Archery Season Primer Outdoor 3D League starts in August. All shooters welcome. All skill levels welcome. Prepare for the upcoming archery season on our beautiful outdoor 3D Course. Rangefinders are allowed. Maximum yardage is 60 yards. Standing, seated, kneeling and ground blind shots...
  12. Great Lakes Shoots
    Come out and enjoy the fun. Reedsburg Outdoor Club will be hosting our annual summer shoot July 1 and 2nd. Shoot will consist of 28, 3D targets (Reinhardt Targets). Multiple classes. Cost is $10 (18 and over), $8 (17 and under). Registration is from 8am to 5pm Saturday and 8am to 2pm on Sunday...
  13. Northern Shoots
    It’s that time of year again and Orion Archery of Blair, Nebraska will be hosting the "Brandon Tomcak Memorial Kids 3D Shoot" on Sunday, June 4th at the Lake Cunningham outdoor archery range on the north edge of Omaha, also known as "Golden Arrows outdoor range". Dedicated to Brandon’s memory...
  14. NE Shoots
    On Saturday May 27th and Sunday May 28th, Stowe Archers will be hosting our second 3D Shoot of the 2017 Season. The course will be made up of 30 Rinehart Targets through the woods. Registration will open at 7:00am and close at 12:30pm on Saturday and Sunday. Food and soft-drinks will be...
  15. General Archery Discussion
    About 4 years ago I started off with a Diamond Infinite Edge. A year later I had the opportunity to shoot a Bear Motive 6 at a local shop and loved it, but could not afford buying it new. After looking on eBay for months (this was before I knew of Archery Talk), I found a used Motive 6 with...
  16. General Archery Discussion
    Looking at VAP arrows for the IBO bow hunter class. To my understanding I must use screw in points. What is the solution for the VAPs? I've read a lot but can't seem to find any resounding answer. Thanks Ethan
  17. General Archery Discussion
    Does anyone know if there are any 3d tournaments happening in South Carolina? Or clubs to join that hold shoots?
  18. SE Shoots
    Kingsboro Bowmen, in Suffolk VA, are hosting a 3D Charity Shoot to support Hunters for the Hungry 28 August. All shooter fees/donations will be donated. For more information visit "Kingsboro Archery" on facebook and our website
  19. 3d Archery Shoots
    Anyone ever shoot WestWinds Metropark just outside of Toledo? The Metroparks is starting a 5 week league. Found this on their website, it looks pretty cool: I shot this course a few...
1-20 of 102 Results