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  1. Darton Archery Discussion
    Have a friend shooting a Darton Ds-4500 for 3D and he is having problems with his high profile vanes hitting the cables. I have never had a 4500 so looking for some suggestions from you guys that have. Anybody had this issue, have you guys tried any different cable slides with any success or is...
  2. F.I.T.A. Classified
    25" hpx riser in 95% condition with soft cover and jager v2 grip- 620 dollars shipped F7 wood limbs, long length 42lbs with soft covers - 620 dollars shipped Axcel 4500 sight with shibuya pin and hardcase- 220 dollars shipped 2 12" b-stinger side bars - 40 dollars each shipped B-stinger...
1-2 of 12 Results