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  1. Want to buy or trade? WTB or WTT.
    Looking for a set of 80# ventum 33 limbs would take buckskin or black. Willing to trade my 70# buckskin ones or buy. Thanks
  2. Want to buy (WTB) or Want to trade (WTT) Bows?
    As stated, I am looking to buy a PSE Xpedite 80lb RH. Prefer no camo. but, open to all color options.
  3. Arrows & Strings
    Will a 80lb string work for a 50lb mini crossbow? I'm asking because I ordered strings for a 50lb mini crossbow, but was sent 80lb string.
  4. 10 Year/Older (Vintage) Compound Bows, Accessories
    Tried selling this like 5 years ago, and all this did was collect dust! Time to get it back in someone's hands. I'll take better pictures tonight. Thanks for looking! 2003 Renegade Archery Trophy R.A.C. Plus -80# max Limbs -34.5" ATA -7.5"-8" brace -30" DL (adjustable with modules, the one...
  5. Hunting Bows
    Selling my Bowtech Insanity CPX Blackops. I had a limb delaminate in October so to keep hunting i Purchased a new bow. I had this one repaired in January with the newest updated limbs and new flo green/black strings. It has a flo green/black Torqueless grip, Bomar drawstops, Axion limb dampeners...
  6. Strings, cams, modules and limbs
    Used one season, off of my 2017 Centergy Hybrid (Not the Long Draw version). Limbsavers installed as well as top and bottom limb pads for rest cord. Excellent shape, just went to 60-70 limbs instead. $150 TYD in the lower 48, no trades. I'll cover all fees, shipping, and insurance. Pictures...
  7. Hunting Bows
    2014 Black CST 70-80lb limbs c mod #2 cam, 27” draw length. Good condition. Strings are in good condition with a little serving separation by the cams. Only a few minor chips in the finish. Great shooting bow, but I’ve decided I really like the new Triax. It feels like a 70 lb bow when drawing...
  8. General Archery Discussion
    Interested in putting 80lb Wake limbs on my Halon 32 or twisting the cables to try and get 75lbs out of my 70lb limbs. 2 Questions for 80lb conversion: Is the draw force curve the same for the wake and halon specific limbs? Any concerns with riser strength?
  9. Want to buy (WTB) or Want to trade (WTT) Bows?
    Alright I am looking for a 80lb bow preferably 29-30in draw. I will also entertain offers of 70lb Helims or Creeds (Doubt I get any offers though.) Here is what I have to trade. A extremely nice set of Golf clubs Driver: Callaway FTiq. 9 deg of loft Stiff flex shaft (Also have a reg...
  10. General Archery Discussion
    Trying to decide between the two. Pro's & Con's? Can you get the Pro Edge Elite in 80lb? Spiral Cam Option?
  11. General Archery Discussion
    Hello everyone, :smile::) I'm quite new to the forum so please do forgive me if this post is in the wrong section. A bit of an intro, I have been shooting bows since I was about 5, started out with a tiny little fibreglass recurve bow(I can't remember the draw weight) and living in Kenya I...
  12. General Archery Discussion
    Good morning archers. I went last night and bought a new 2012 BowTech Insanity in 80lb. I am going to give you a couple first impressions. The draw cycle is smooth. Not like butter but smooth. I jumped from 70-80 and maybe that's why it's not butter yet. Don't get me wrong 80lb for me seems...
  13. Hunting Bows
    Selling my 2012 Bowtech Insanity In the optifade forest camo, bow is set at 80lbs and 29.5 inch draw (adjustable) Will take more close up pictures when I get out of work, $725 gift or 3% TYD for bare bow would also sell in a package with vital X magnix, 7 inch octane stabilizer in matching camo...
  14. Hunting Bows
    I am looking for a PSE X-Force Omen 80lb Camo bow for my husband. Anyone looking to sell one?
  15. Hunting Bows
    $450 firm for both limbs 400 with just the 80's and I'll try to get rid of the other limbs on here. It's RH, been hunted with 2 seasons it's a good bow. The exact bow is on
1-15 of 15 Results