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  1. 16 Bowtech Experience

    Hunting Bows
    2016 Bowtech Experience black-ops 60-70lb 30in draw adjustable 26.5-31 can set before shipping. Bow is in great shape shows very little sign of wear. Custom GAS strings are in good shape, fuse drop away (same as qad hdx)... Bow is a tack driver, fast and quiet! $450 tyd text 601-347-4467 for...
  2. The best shooting, most accurate bow I ever shot, but......

    General Archery Discussion
    How many times have you seen a bow listed in the classifieds where the seller is states something like "Awesome bow! The best shooting, most accurate bow I've ever shot". Only $500 TYD! I've seen plenty. My question is, why would someone want to part with the best shooting bow they ever shot...
  3. 2014 OK Archery Absolute

    Target Bows
    Gorgeous bow, Natural Silver riser and cams. Two string-stoppers as well as a V-Bar DownUnder (for side stab). ATA 37.5'' Brace Height 7.5" Speed (IBO) 315 fps Draw Weight 60# (can be raised to 70#) Draw Length 26.75" Net Weight 3.8 lbs Letting it go for $1100...
  4. How does the amount of grain affect the Bow or shot??

    Coaches Corner
    Hey, Im new to archery and I want to hunt this upcoming fall if not next year (2016). I want to practice shooting throughout the spring and summer so I can be superb when the real deal occurs. However, I dont have a clue about the Grains term thats associated with arrows and other accessories...
  5. Hoyt Havoctec in Realtree Hardwoods

    Hunting Bows
    Hoyt Havoctec in Realtree Hardwoods LimbSaver Quiet system HHA Optimizer Lite site NAP Quicktune adjustable drop away rest RealTree Brand quiver FirstString Pro Hunter string & cables in "Green Variegated & Sunset Orange Variegated" color - just replaced 50-70 lb. draw weight 27.5-30 in. length...
  6. lighted nocks affect accuracy??

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    My regular nocks weight about 12 grains. I have carbon express lighted nocks that weight 18.5 grains. Do you think the difference in weight will make any noticeable difference?
  7. 2011BowtechSpecialist-Black,50-60,Right hand.Will trade for 60 lb.Experience

    Hunting Bows
    2011 BowtechSpecialist-Black,50-60,Right hand.Will only trade for 60 lb. Black Bowtech Experience. String new in August 2013. There is limb flaking as shown in the photo. I put red electrical tape on the grip for insulation. Currently tuned so bare shaft and fletched arrow hit together at 30...
  8. $150 TYD RH Proline, Point Blank, The New Wave, Carbon CR-41

    Hunting Bows
    $150 TYD. I have my RH Proline, Point Blank, The New Wave, Carbon CR-41 for sale 42" ata. This is a great shooting bow. String and cable only a year old and barely shot. I got a new bow this year and need to sell this one to help pay it. Its not set up for bow fishing but I think I would be a...
  9. 75# rio bravo model great plains long bow

    Left Handed Hunting Bows
    this bow is less than 4 months old and shoot like a dream but i have 3 other bows 2 heaver and 1 lighter that i also use a on a regular basis and want to send this one to a happy home the bow is 62" long and draws 75#@27" and of course left handed this is a once peice soild bow with leather wrap...
  10. 2009 HCA Speed Pro Like New

    Hunting Bows
    I bought this bow new in the summer of 2009 and it has been hunted with for one season. This bow is in excellent shape and will shoot. It is currently set @ 28" but is adjustable 27-30 or 31 without modules or a cam swap. It is a 60-70# and is super quick and smooth. Chrono pic was shot today...
  11. Can my set up handle slick trick mags??

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Will I be able to shoot slick trick mags accurately with my set up or do I need to use standards? Hoyt Trykon XL 65# 30.5 inch arrow Carbon Express Mayhem 350 blazer veins About 290fps
  12. Mathews DXT Hunting Bow Many Extras

    Hunting Bows
    For Sale Fully Dressed Mathews DXT, Hunting Bow 29 3/4 axle to axle, 3.75 lbs 322 fps, 6 3/4 Brace height, 70 lb pull, 26 1/2 Draw length, hoyt 3 pin sight, stabilizer, perimeter weighted cam parallel limb design, harmonic dampers, string suppressors, roller guard, sphere-like pivoting limb cup...