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  1. Crossbows for Sale or Trade
    I acquired this in December 2018 from another Member which had the Bow into Scorpyd for repairs. They replaced the limbs with 135s, new cams and new string (story is they broke the x-bow) at Scorpyd, and the stock was replace by me with a new one from Scorpyd when I purchased it because it had...
  2. TenPoint Crossbow Discussion
    I recently purchased my first bow, a Horton RDX Storm from Midway. I wanted the bow in time to catch the end of late archery season so I ordered it without Acudraw since that was all they had in stock. I ordered the Acudraw unit separately from the Horton web site. When I attempted to install...
  3. CrossBow DIY Equipment
    Hi there. does anyone know if the acudraw 50 or 52 can be installed on a barnett razr?
1-3 of 3 Results