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  1. Arrow Weight /Speed Test Results / Advice would be Kind ty

    General Archery Discussion
    Hi I am Flo and after 1 1/2 years of archery I decided to use a Chronograph to take some measures because my friends are kinda surprised how my bow shoots. I do 3D and Taget archery with the same bow. Riser: WIN WIN TFT-G Limbs: MK-MX 38# long /Win win limbs felt wobbly to me. MK limbs draw...
  2. Sighting in my R20

    Ravin Crossbow Discussion
    I purchased an R20 a few weeks ago and am absolutely loving it. However, I have encountered something strange when shooting at different ranges. I followed the sight-in instructions and the CB is dead-on between 20 and 70 yards. Then it slowly creeps up the target, inching its way up to...
  3. CP Sniper 370 Alpha Nock??

    Crossbow Forum - General Crossbow Discussion
    I ordered some Black Eagle Executioner arrows for my brothers birthday. I also ordered him 6 Alpha nocks with the 6 BEE arrows. He has been shooting Executioner arrows with the half moon nocks. Centrepoint recommends the half moon nock. I figured he might get better accuracy out of the alpha...
  4. Ritual 30 let off/Valley

    General Archery Discussion
    Hey AT, I have a new ritual 30 set at 30"/70#. I've had it for a month or so and I'm having a major problem with the let off. The draw stops are maxed out and even when the bow is at full draw if I relax my bow hand it instantly pulls forward and jumps. It is causing a lot of unnecessary...
  5. Need advice on Recurve Stabilizer Rods

    General Archery Discussion
    Hey there all my fellow archers out there...i am in need of your advice. New to archery, i have been using my Kinetic Ghost Recurve Bow for about three months and wanted to buy myself a set of stabilizer rods. Long & short rods as well as V-bar and extension rod. I have two in mind and was...
  6. Questions of someone new in archery

    General Archery Discussion
    Hi all. New guy here, i have some questions. I am interested in olympic archery. In my club i was told to begin barebow style and then i will upgrade to full olympic when ready. I am not economically flexible enough to buy a good riser so my first will be a kinetic Arios (CNC Machined...
  7. Reviews of Optics Planet?

    General Archery Discussion
    Optics Planet: Their prices always seem too good to be true. Every time I visit the site I end up wary. I've never pulled the trigger on a purchase from them. Does anyone have positive or negative experience?
  8. New NH hunter on public land, need advice.

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    How's it going gents, this is my first season bow hunting (and first season in general). Ill be bow hunting public land in southern NH for white tail and I'm looking to establish a guide for myself on how to do it. I need advice on everything, but for the sake of limiting the scope of...
  9. What do you wish you knew about archery when you started?

    General Archery Discussion
    Hello all! I am new to archery (I don't even own my own bow yet. ) I have really enjoyed it so far and I am ready to make this a regular hobby. I want to know what you wish you would have know about archery when you started. Thanks for any advice!
  10. First time archer starting out (Ontario, Canada)

    WELCOME! New User Forum
    Hello ArcheryTalk! I just bought a compound bow from my local bow shop, PSE Fever VS RTS. DL 27.5", DW 30lbs to start, LH shooter. Any advise for someone just getting started? What are the must-haves for accessories? I picked up a release and half a dozen arrows to start. I've never shot...
  11. New Bow Advice

    Young Archers Forum
    Currently fifteen and have been shooting for about ten years now and for about five or six years I've been shooting a Mission Craze by Mathews. I am looking for a bow that I can seriously compete with as well as use for hunting. I compete with my grandmother every weekend in our local league and...
  12. Looking for a good pro shop

    WELCOME! New User Forum
    Hi, everyone - I'm new to archery & looking to get my first compound bow in quick order. I live in Denver, CO and I'm willing to travel out 25ish miles for a quality shop that will set me up with a bow that fits me & not just try to sell whatever. thanks in advance.
  13. New Archer looking for advice. Xenia vs. Avante vs. Maw

    General Archery Discussion
    Hello everyone, this is Danny. I recently get into studying about archery and decided to give it a shot. With next to zero experience in actual shooting, I would like to get advice on what bow to use. I researched on the net and based on the availability on my home country, it comes down to 3...
  14. Color matching accessories for pro force - Electric Teal - Purple accent

    Hoyt Archery Discussion
    Hello peeps, I'm looking to buy a Pro Force and I'm thinking Electric Teal with Purple accent colors. (If anyone has a picture of this combination, that would be great) What i would really like is color matching accessories (stabilizers, sight, wrist-sling, arrow-rest, release) but I'm lost in...
  15. Sight Partially Blocked by Riser

    General Archery Discussion
    Bow: Diamond SB-1 Rest: Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro Set up by pro shop I paper tuned (at 10 ft) and the rest needed a lot of adjustment to get the arrow tip holes inside the fletching. I then nock tuned to get a little cleaner paper tears. I also put lipstick on the fletching to make sure I...
  16. Index release vs Thumb release

    General Archery Discussion
    Hey everyone, I have a few questions regarding release aids. I currently shoot a Scott Talon index release aid and have started forming target panic. I tend to slap the trigger and I am getting very frustrated. I never use to have to this problem till I started worrying about my technique. I...
  17. Need advice on food plots

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Quick and to the point- I am doing my first micro food plot in a remote location. I have already got the soil ph addressed, the area is cleared and will be spraying the weed killer with the next few warm dry days. I understand the full prep work after much research and discussion with people who...
  18. Just getting into it - would like suggestions

    ArcheryTalk Women
    I'm Lindsay - I hunt public land in FL and would like to make things harder on myself :) This past year was my first season really getting into hunting again - my thing is fly fishing. I never hit hunting hard because I didn't want it to take away my fishing time, but I finally dove in and now...
  19. Newbie advice? used Mathews Legacy vs new entry-level bow

    General Archery Discussion
    I'm a first-time poster interested in getting in to target shooting archery. I'm also (aside from summer camp once as a kid) a complete newbie to archery. I've done target shooting (with guns or air pistol/rifle) before, but recently bought a house with land and think I'd enjoy getting into...
  20. Bow Warranty 101

    General Archery Discussion
    Howdy folks! I am new to bowhunting and have been scouring your forum looking at all kinds of awesome stuff. Y'all know what you are talking about and I had a question that I cannot seem to find a concrete answer on. Warranties. I am going to be investing at least $1k in a bow and want to have...