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  1. 2011 Hoyt Alphaburner

    Hunting Bows
    Draw 28.5 Weight 60 to 70. Set at 71 came in from the factory at 75 lbs. Shooting 344 FPS!! This is a blackout bow and is used but in great condition. I have shot 3d indoor and hunted with this bow and had great success!! New winner choice strings and cables, comes with peep d-loop. Love this...
  2. hoyt alphaburner 3 sets of limbs 2 sets of cams strings $400.00+3%pp

    Hunting Bows
    400$ for bare bow set up as you see in the pictures 29/85lbs i can throw in everything for 600$ including the doa rest and sight. just the bow limbs cams and extra string and cables would be 525$ 29/80# 30in cams can come with it I have 3 sets of limbs for this bow as well. Also I have the...
  3. 2010 Hoyt Alphaburner 70# 29" $500

    Hunting Bows
    I am selling a Hoyt Alphaburner that has NEVER been used before. An archery shop I was recently in was closing it out, and I thought I'd pick it up and switch out the spiral X cams to make it fit me. I have since reconsidered the project, and I am wanting to give someone a good deal on an...
  4. Hoyt Maxxis 31/AlphaBurner/CRX

    Hunting Bows
    I'm looking for a deal on a Hoyt Maxxis 31, AlphaBurner, or CRX 32. I am aslo interested in any newer Hoyt bows so feel free to let me know what you've got. I've got a 28" draw length but 27.5 would be welcomed as well and I prefer 60-70# limbs. Let me know what you've got gentleman! You...
  5. Alphaburner XT2000 limbs 86 deflection 60-70lb-- LIKE NEW

    Strings, cams, modules and limbs
    Taken off my hoyt alphaburner as i switched to 80lb limbs. These are 60-70lb limbs and have been shot VERY little. There isnt a scratch or mark on any of the limbs. Im asking $100 OBO. If anyone has questions or offers please message me! Thanks Alot!
  6. would trade Reezen 6.5 70# for Alpha Burner 60# or MR6 60#

    Hunting Bows
    Have a 2009 Reezen 6.5, new 27" cam, new Octane string and cable, 70#DW, no chips dings scratches so I would call this bow excellent condition! Would consider sell @ $700 bare bow but would prefer to trade for: {camo/camo} 1) Alpha Burner 35 60#; 27, 27.5 or 28" DL {prefer BO, camo will...
  7. HOYT: Alphaburner/Katera/Powerhawk/Turbohawk/Vectrix/Vulcan

    Hunting Bows
    HOYT New In Box, (some removed for photos) various bows by Hoyt. Prices are listed To Your Door in the lower 48 States. Indiana residents add 7% sales tax. Payment accepted via Paypal or major credit cards. Alpha Burner 70#, 28", APG Camo, Right-Hand, $695. Katera 70#, 29", HD Green...
  8. 2010 Alphaburner Blackout, 60-70lbs with 27.5 Spiral Cams

    Target Bows
    Have a gorgeous 2010 Alphaburner Blackout. 27.5 spirals with 60-70lb limbs Used for indoor shooting. 10 inch Octane Black Stabilizer with red insert. Black Trophy Taker Full Containment Top Slot Rest Fuse Satori 6 arrow quiver in APG, foam pictures show how the bow has been babied I have two...
  9. LH 2009 Bowtech Captain with TAP Shoot through

    Left Handed Hunting Bows
    Posted this on the LH WTT/WTB page. Follow link for more info!
  10. Hoyt Alphaburner loaded

    Want to buy (WTB) or Want to trade (WTT) Bows?
    I have for trade a Hoyt Alphaburner in excellent condition. It is Realtree APG. A 9.5 out of 10 only because it's used. Has the Spiral X 8.0 cams which makes it a 29" draw. Has brand new Green/Purple vaportrail strings, brand new Ripcord code red camo rest, brand new Truglo Microbrite sight...
  11. 2010 Black Hoyt Alphaburner NEW $475

    Hunting Bows
    I have a 2010 Hoyt Alphaburner. It is in new condition. The bow has a black riser and camo limbs, 28" draw length, and 60-70 lb limbs. The bow has been barley used. Please fill free to send an email at [email protected]
  12. Hoyt Alphaburner RH 50-60 Black with Camo Limbs 28.5DL

    Hunting Bows
    For sale, used for a season, need a roon for new bow. great condition, shoots well, too will post pictures later. almost new Extreme String, AstroFlight string/cables grey/black. $540 shipped
  13. Alphaburner

    Left Handed Hunting Bows
    I have a 2009 Hoyt Alpha Burner for sale. Camo, 29" draw, 60/70# limbs. Spiral X Cam 1/2, Excellent condition. Used only for 3D Competitions. Very accurate, fast and quiet. Bow has new Americas Best strings, speed balls, D-Loop, Peep, Side Plate Handles and a Quick Tune Drop Away Rest installed...
  14. New hoyt alphaburner reduced great deal

    Hunting Bows
    NEW HOYT ALPHABURNER SMOKING DEAL I have a new Hoyt Alphaburner a perfect 10/10 not a mark on it. It’s 30inch 60-70 # Alphaburner in perfect condition. I bought it 2 weeks ago and shot it a few times and need to sale. Had some things come up and need to get rid of the bow sadly. It is a sweet...
  15. Alphaburner too slow?

    General Archery Discussion
    I'm new to bows and was looking for some suggestions. I recently bought and Alphaburner and had the opportunity to shoot it a few times through the chrono. I expected to not be near IBO, but thought my speed would be a little faster than what I saw. I shot through about 5 times and my high...
  16. Spiral X cam & 1/2 Timing Marks??????

    General Archery Discussion
    For the life of me I dont see any marks that indicate where the timing needs to be set at for the spiral x cam 1/2? I looked already on here and can't seem to find anyone saying where they are. Or the holes that you are supost to be looking at or for? A picture is worth a bunch.
  17. wtb-Alphaburner 70-80# with 27.5 draw

    Misc. Items Only Want to Buy or Trade? WTB or WTT
    Would like to find an Alphaburner 70-80 lb draw 27.5 draw length. Blackout, APG or Black Riser Camo Limbs. Pm what you have. Thanks Matt Also looking for a Kobalt in 30-40lbs in blackout as well.
  18. 2010 Hoyt Alphaburner $525.00 takes it!

    Hunting Bows
    Like new not a mark new strings shot only at 3d less than 10 times. 28 draw 50-60lb weight. MOTS Camo. Awesome bow! Will toss in a NiB Trophy Taker Pronghorn Rest for the 525.00 price. Paypal accepted as gift or straight paypal you pay the fee. No trades please.
  19. Need some opinions......

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Hey guys, first of all let me say i am a big fan to this site, had some bumps a while back but absolutley love the feed back that i read when people ask a question. So here is my question, and please lets not get into some huge argument on what bow and arrow is the best and etc. I have recently...
  20. 2010 Hoyt Alphaburner

    Women's and Youth Bows
    Hoyt Alphaburner for sale. Orange with orange/blue Vapor Trail Strings. 30-40# limbs maxed out at 41#. 25.5 draw length Spiral Cams Included is an almost new Trophy Taker SS Pro blade rest. In great condition with a scuff on the top limb pocket. $650.00 Trying to post pictures, but not...