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  1. 2018 Arizona State Field

    April 21, 2018 NFAA 14 Field/14 Hunter/14 Animals Location TBD Shoot Info
  2. World Best Bow and Rifle Trophy Rooms

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Want to see some of the most amazing trophy rooms in the world? They are amazing for sure. Can you imagine how many great hunt stories are here?
  3. Traditional - Field/Hunter/Animal round socres

    Field Archery Forum
    I just shot my first Field shoot last weekend. I am a traditional (TRD) archer and I was wondering what a good score would be. At the field shoot I attended, the course lay out was, Saturday, Field (28 targets) and Animal (14 targets). Sunday was only the Hunter round (28 targets). Is this lay...
  4. Clicker & moving target

    Coaches Corner
    An archer that I coach asked me how to aim at moving targets (3D animal). He uses a recurve bow with clicker. It is quite difficult to make the clicker go off at the moment a moving target is in sight. How do others do this? Not use the clicker when shooting at a moving target? Your advice is...
  5. Voice your opinion, Should PSAA follow NFAA rules for Field / Hunter / Animal ?

    I recently shot all the PSAA Field/ Hunter? and Animal rounds hosted by my region and the State. I had fun at all the shoots but was concerned that some of the out-of-state shooters were unfamiliar with the rules PSAA uses. Then I shot the PFATA Field/ Hunter/ Animal and realized I much prefer...
  6. PSAA State Bowhunter Animal Who's Going?

    NE Shoots
    August 15 & 16 the PSAA has the last state championship of the year the Bowhunter Animal its at Mechanicsburg! Who's going? If you never shot the Psaa animal round you shoot 4 arrows at each target 2 arrows at the longest distance and 1 arrow at the 2 shorter distances. If you never...