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  1. stabbed a bull

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    not a monster but a decent DIY public land wyoming bull called him in at 1:30 in the afternoon to 40 yards, video to come
  2. Advise for first Colorado elk hunt

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    I'm doing my first (archery) elk hunt in Colorado Unit 74 next week. It will be a drop camp hunt so it is essentially unguided. First question is whether it makes sense to buy a mule deer tag. Some friends told me to expect to see a bunch of muley's but they have not hunted this area. Also...
  3. Last minute elk hunt available

    I had a good friend cancel due to medical issue three weeks ago and now another good friend says he can't afford it. Both have already paid their deposites to the rancher. I am from Michigan and would like to fill those two spots to help reduce gas costs for our trip out there. I am only...