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  1. Arrow Saw

    General Archery Discussion
    I have been thinking of purchasing a arrow saw. i was wondering what some of you guys recommended as for the whole set up or maybe even something diy. any and all advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks shoot straight
  2. Which arrow saw is best?

    DIY Equipment
    I am getting confused that which arrow saw i should buy to cut my arrows at home? Suggest me:confused:
  3. Apple Archery Pro Saw/Shaft Position Bracket

    General Archery Discussion
    Hows it going people. I'm about to buy a used apple archery arrow saw from a buddy of mine. However, he seems to have misplaced the arrow shaft position bracket some time ago. I've been hunting around the internet and I haven't been able to find one that is apple brand, but I have found weston...
  4. Putting band aides on DIY projects

    DIY Equipment
    Well it seems that not all DIY projects go as expected or stay perfect so we have to put band aides on them. I've had two recent projects that needed a little extra care. The first was my pipe clamp bow press. I used the Bessey 1" clamp, normal 1" black pipe threaded on one end, and 1 1/2"...
  5. For Sale $50 TYD arrow saw

    F.I.T.A. Classified
    Hello everyone, I recently finished my first attempt at an affordable arrow saw. I was wondering if there is interest for such an item. If so, would one or two of you like to give me detailed feedback on it in exchange for being able to get it at my cost? The saw includes a linear access which...
  6. Easton Elite Arrow Saw

    Archery Tools
    I have an Easton Elite Arrow Saw, with foot pedal, vacuum hookup, micro adjust and a few extra blades. I took it in on a trade, used it once, and it works great, it's just not something I need. Asking $200 + 3% Paypal TYD or looking for a Vortex rangefinder plus boot on my end. Will post...
  7. Air powered arrow saw

    DIY Equipment
    I built this saw a few years back. It has worked great. I had the CP mini die grinder but they can be had in the $50-$60 range. The aluminum base was a scrap barrel find and I think I paid around $5 for it. The rest of the aluminum was out of my pile of scraps.
  8. Dremel Tool+T-Slot Framing=Arrow Saw

    DIY Equipment
    I've been meaning to write this up for a while now, and after sharing a pic in another thread I have worked up the motivation to do a more complete write-up on my arrow saw. As a mechanical engineer, I like to over-do things like this, and decided to turn to extruded aluminum t-slot framing for...
  9. The Weston Arrow Saw

    DIY Equipment
    Hey guys and gals, I'm looking at getting the 8000Rpm Arrow saw with dust collector and just wanted to know if anyone out there has used this particular saw before I buy it. Or if you haver another one you'd recommend, let me know! Thanks so much!
  10. Cutting arrow shafts

    DIY Equipment
    Im thinking of cutting and assembling my own arrows. It takes to long to have it made. My question is, has anybody tried cutting carbon arrow shaft using a dremel rotary tool? Would it or does it work? How well does it work? Thank you
  11. Cutting arrows

    General Archery Discussion
    Im thinking of cutting and assembling my own arrows. It takes to long to have it made. My question is, has anybody tried cutting arrows using a dremel rotary tool? Would it or does it work? How well does it work? Thank you
  12. DIY Arrow Saw Motor

    DIY Equipment
    I'm not sure if I post this is the right section. If I do please let me know and I will move it to "classified ads". I just choose this section cause this is a DIY motor. Okay so here are the specs: - 110V - 7000 RPM (can be adjusted using screw in foot pedal) - 1 AMP - Accept cut off wheels...
  13. Arrow Saw Cut-Off Blade

    DIY Equipment
    Hello Guys Right now I'm building a arrow saw using 80/20 extruded profile (scrap pieces free) and a sewing machine motor 7000RPM. I will design and machine a collar on lathe to accept cut-off wheel. It will be very easy to replace. My question is what kind of blades are you guys using? I prefer...
  14. Arrow Saw

    Misc. Items Only Want to Buy or Trade? WTB or WTT
    I am looking for a used arrow saw that is in good working order. I will be cutting carbon arrows so the way i understand it i have to use a 8000 RPM unit that the 5000 RPM unit will splinter the carbon and cause damage to the arrows. Any one could point me in the right direction would be much...
  15. Weston Gear 5000rpm Arrow Saw

    Treestands, Blind, and Accessories
    For Sale: Weston Gear 5000 rpm Arrow Saw used very little! 2 arrow spin testers Tape measure (never installed) cord mounted on/off switch safety shield original box and manuals included retails $130 First $80 tyd
  16. Arrow saw for sale

    Accessories and General Hunting Items
    Arrow saw for sale, Pic is from their website, but I have used this for my own personal saw for the last 3 or 4 years. It is in excellent shape. I wired an extension on the plug for on my work bench. I would like $60 shipped but not opposed to offers if its right. I will take Paypal gift, money...
  17. High Quality Ball Bearings-DIY Arrow Truing/Arrow Spinners/Arrow Saw Upgrade-Lower $

    Accessories and General Hunting Items
    I have several sets of Minebea Precision ball bearings for sale. Perfect for DIY arrow truing, arrow spinners, arrow saws or ?? They measure 7/8" tall with 5/16" hole. Selling sets of 4 for $6.00 TYD first class shipping. US Postal MO only please. Pics are bearings and a "cheap" spinner i...
  18. Arrow saw with bearings

    DIY Equipment
    Just finished my arrow saw. Now i can roll my arrows when cutting them and no need to take vanes off. Materials: Plywood MDF Rollerblade bearings Pics:
  19. Cheap Arrow Saw Discs

    DIY Equipment
    I'm getting sick of looking at the internet trying to find the cheapest things possilble. SO, does anybody know the CHEAPEST place to find arrow saw blades? Preferably 2" diameter but I think 3" would work and have a 3/8" arbor.