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  1. For Sale Easton axis 300

    Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    Easton axis 300, 28in nock groove to end of carbon, never inserted or shot. Comes with NIP hit components. PayPal only
    $125 USD
  2. Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    I have a half dozen Easton 5mm AXIS shafts that are cut at 28". They are brand new and have not been used.
    $45 USD
  3. Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    Selling 7 Easton axis 400 spine arrows that measure 27 5/8 carbon to carbon. All fletched with blazer vanes. looking $50 Tyd obo
    $50 USD
  4. Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    Selling 12 Easton Axis 5mm arrows 260 spine, Standard Hit inserts installed with Epoxy (not hot melt), Green and Grey Blazers fletched left helical, 29.5 inches carbon to carbon. The nocks all have a piece of wire glued in them to simulate a 22ish grain nokturnal (see image) so if this is a deal...
    $80 USD
  5. Archery Accessories
    I’m thinking about getting some Easton Axis arrows made I hunt with both 125 grain fixed and mechanical broadheads. Should I get helical vanes or offset? Also any recommendation on where to order custom arrows online?
  6. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Which do you prefer?
  7. Clothing, Packs, Footwear and Bow Cases
    Only wore for one 4 hour night deer hunt. Excellent like new condition. $180 shipped pp g&s
    $180 USD
  8. Arrows & Strings
    My buddy and I ordered 2-Dozen 400 Spine Easton Axis 5mm carbon shafts for a custom arrow build. I am thinking I want to try Bohning Heat vanes; stiffer material, lower profile, quieter down range flight. I would like to use these arrows for both 3D and Deer Hunting, I normally use mechanical...
  9. General Archery Discussion
    I bought my wife 5mm Easton Axis Sport (SPT) arrows, and they came with these 5mm Half-Out inserts. The diameter of the inserts get bigger and I can't figure out what field points to use with them. Does anyone know what points will fit?
  10. Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    12 Easton Axis 4mm Long Range Match Grade 300 Spine 26.5in Carbon to Carbon 11 50 grain halfout inserts $120 TYD Not shot more than 50 times, some have not been shot at all.
  11. Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    Arrows are cut to right at 28.75” from end of the knock to the end of the outserts. Arrows are in great shape. Only been shot about twice each. Come with outserts glued already and field tips. Please text for communication: 502-594-9729. Asking 75$ shipped
  12. General Archery Discussion
    Anyone else have issues with their inserts pulling out of arrows?
  13. Want to buy or trade? WTB or WTT.
    I have 12 brand new Black Eagle Rampage 300 .001 shafts that I am listing for trade... I would like to try a bit less stiff spine arrow like any of the following: Black Eagle Rampage 350 .001 Easton 5MM Axis Traditional 340 ,003 Black Eagle Spartan 350 .001 Thank you!
  14. Arrows & Strings
    I recently made the change from 5mm axis 340s to 300s due to spine weakness concerns. Both arrow builds were setup identically other than spine difference. Cut 28.5”, 75 grain hit inserts, 100 grain points,10 grain IW collar, and 3 fletch aae max stealth vanes right helical. There was an obvious...
  15. Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    12 Easton axis arrows 5mm 500 spine 8.1 GPI 27.25 carbon to carbon 275 grains Green Easton x nocks Standard HIT inserts 2 pink and 1 green AAE Max stealth vanes Left helical Arrows and fletching in great shape they have barely been shot. Bought for my wife but she needs 600 spine. $100 tyd
  16. General Archery Discussion
    So I’ve shot Easton Axis 340’s before and I wanted more durability up front but not sacrificing weight. I’ve read online that the small Gold Tip ballistic collars fit great on my Axis’s. Tried em and boy let me tell ya, they group insane. I’m running the standard insert with an extra 13 grains...
  17. Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    I’ve got 6 Axis 340, 27.25in and 75g insert and 6 FMJ 300 shafts at 27in standard insert. Asking $70tyd for axis and $80tyd fmj
  18. Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    1 dozen Easton Axis 340 match grade for sale that are cut 27" ctc. They have 75g brass HIT inserts installed. With 100g point weight, total weight is 465 grains. 3 of 12 are bare shaft and were used as practice arrows. The other 9 fletched arrows are in perfect shape, 6 were in a quiver and 3...
  19. General Archery Discussion
    I’ve seen various posts that somewhat discuss this but am curious as to what hunters more knowledgeable than myself think. I am currently shooting axis 5mm 340’s with standard HIT inserts and 100gr heads cut to 28.25”. (Bow is Hoyt RX-3 28.5DL 70#) I am wanting to increase overall weight and FOC...
  20. General Archery Discussion
    I'm newish to archery again and after getting into higher quality arrows this last summer, I finally landed on shooting Easton Axis. The set I had I've shot so much, the fletchings are warped, the paint has worn off, and they just seem rough. So I ordered a half dozen from my local shop- not...
1-20 of 142 Results