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  1. Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries

    Crossbow Forum - General Crossbow Discussion
    WOW. These batteries pack a punch. I have been using energizer and duracell batteries for years in my game cameras. Not the cheap batteries. Always the max,plus,coppertop,long lasting,etc. I went with the energizer ultimate lithium batteries about a month ago after regular AA batteries not...
  2. AA Batteries for Trail Cameras - Fusion vs Lithium

    General Archery Discussion
    Have any of you tried out Rayovac Fusion batteries in your trail cameras? I've been running Energizer Lithium batteries for the past several years with great results. I have bought a pack of two that were dead or very low but was able to return them at Sams Club. I'm thinking about trying the...
  3. Sword sight light acting up

    General Archery Discussion
    My light that came with my Twilight Hunter 1.5 is acting up. It will go in and out and turn off almost every time that I shoot. Ive tried replacing the batteries, but it seems like the batteries are loose in the housing and lose connection. anyone have a suggestions or the same problem?
  4. Killer AA Battery Deal

    Game Cameras
    W00t! has a battery sale up so all you guys who hit the trailcams heavy can definitely take advantage and save a chunk of change:
  5. HHA Blueburst 2500

    General Archery Discussion
    What is the replacement battery number for the HHA Blueburst 2500. The 393 seems to be too big and the 392A doesn't seem to work. Is it the 392? Is there a difference between the 392 and the 392A?
  6. Lithium ion batteries

    DIY Equipment
    Any one have these and do they last longer than regular alkaline batteries?