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  1. Arrows & Strings
    I’m currently in a situation to replace both my strings and cables on both of compound bows. This cyclical investment seems to be needed every 2 year cycle, that’s what I’ve read. While some just say if it’s in good shape and kept waxed the string and cables don’t need to be changed. Or do they...
  2. General Archery Discussion
    Hey, just getting ready to place an order with Brad over at 60X Custom Strings and was hoping someone could briefly explain the differences in the string materials. I'm not looking to get the cheapest or necessarily the latest thing out there either, I just want to understand the tradeoffs...
  3. Arrows & Strings
    I just listed one of my Apple Serving Machines for sale on Ebay. Here is the auction number: 140472540148
1-3 of 13 Results